How to Make Sugar Flowers 翻糖花做法

I’d like to share with you today how I created these sugar flowers. The pictures were taken back in April but I have completely forgotten about them shortly after. Gum paste can be rolled very thinly without tearing and dries up rock hard, which makes it an excellent candidate for sugar flower creations. Having said... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Fondant Pokeball Cake Topper 翻糖精靈球蛋糕裝飾做法

I made a Pokemon Go themed fondant cake for my friend’s daughter for her birthday party last week and here’s how I constructed the Pokeball cake topper. It was styrofoam ball inside and I made it half-opened with a little Pikachu figurine standing on top. My Pokeball was approximately 3” in diameter but it can... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Fondant Horse Cake Topper 翻糖小馬蛋糕裝飾做法

This was another fondant animal figurine that I made last month (read about my first fondant animal here). I have taken some pictures to show you the process. 這是EC四月時做的另一個翻糖動物蛋糕裝飾(有關首個翻糖動物裝飾可參閱這裡),以下是做法分享。 What You Need Fondant (black, dark brown, light brown, red, green and gray) Tylose powder Silicon mat Fondant rolling pin Parchment paper Small craft knife Small... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Fondant Bunny Cake Topper 翻糖小兔子蛋糕裝飾做法

This was my first time making fondant animal figurines. I created a bunny and a horse for my friend's daughters who were born in the years of the rabbit and the horse and used the figurines to decorate their birthday cake. 這是EC首次做動物翻糖裝飾,朋友的兩個女兒生肖是兔和馬,所以EC用翻糖做了小兔子與小馬來裝飾她們的生日蛋糕。 I will first share with you how I made the fondant bunny. I... Continue Reading →

How to Evenly Distribute Cupcake Batter 如何平均分配杯子蛋糕麵糊

The following was my sharing from my Facebook page back in Sep 2014. I’d like to transfer it over to my blog so my readers can look it up easily. Read about my original post here. 以下是EC在2014年9月時於Facebook專頁內的分享,現在為它搬家方便網友查閱,原文可按這裡。 Evenly distributed cupcake batter = Same-sized cupcakes = Tons of compliments..."oh did you make them? They look so... Continue Reading →

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