How to Make Sugar Flowers 翻糖花做法

I’d like to share with you today how I created these sugar flowers. The pictures were taken back in April but I have completely forgotten about them shortly after. Gum paste can be rolled very thinly without tearing and dries up rock hard, which makes it an excellent candidate for sugar flower creations. Having said that, I am a very slow person and gum paste just dries up way too fast for me. I prefer mixing in some fondant to slow down the drying speed, which gives me extra time to finish my work. If you would like to understand more about the difference between fondant and gum paste as well as their suggested use, feel free to read about this blog post from Satin Ice. And if you would like to make your own marshmallow fondant and gum paste, read about my blog posts Homemade Marshmallow Fondant and How to Make Gum Paste.
今天分享糖花做法,這是四月時拍攝的照片,但之後竟然忘記了!甘佩斯能壓得很薄而不會破裂,風乾後很堅硬,是做糖花的好材料。話雖如此,EC手腳在太慢,而甘佩斯則乾得太快,因此一般會混進翻糖延緩甘佩斯乾透速度,以便EC有足夠時間製作。 更多有關翻糖和甘佩斯的分別及建議用途請參考Satin Ice的這篇網誌。 若想自製棉花糖翻糖和甘佩斯則可參考棉花糖翻糖甘佩斯做法兩篇舊網誌。

How to Make Sugar Flowers

What you need

Fondant and gum paste (choose your own color)
22 gauge florist wire
Scalloped edge circle cutters
Calyx cutter
Small rolling pin
Silicon mat
Foam pad
Small paintbrush
Fondant ball tool
Cocktail stick or wooden skewer


翻糖和甘佩斯 (自選顏色)

Directions 做法

Knead until the sugarpaste is soft and pliable (I use a 50/50 mixture of fondant and gum paste). Cover any unused sugarpaste to keep it from drying out.
混合一比一份量的翻糖和甘佩斯後搓軟(以下簡稱翻糖), 未使用的翻糖需蓋好以免變乾。

Dust the work surface or silicon mat lightly with cornstarch to prevent sugarpaste from sticking. Take a small portion of the sugarpaste and roll it out thinly. Cut out a circle with a small scalloped edge cutter. Frill the edges by rolling a cocktail stick back and forth over each scallop.

Bend the tip of the floral wire to make a loop. Insert it through the center of the circle. Lightly brush the middle with water then fold the circle in half. Visually divide the semi-circle into three sections: left, middle and right. Lightly brush some water on the right section then fold it up and over to the middle section. Turn over and repeat with the other side. Secure the layer by lightly pinching the bottom. Hold up the flower and rearrange the shape so it doesn’t look flat. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes until it has harden completely.

For the second layer, cut out another circle with the same cutter then frill the edges as before. Brush some water in the middle, thread the wire through the center then drape it over the first layer, fluffing the layer to reshape if needed. Hang the flower upside down to dry. For the third and fourth layers, cut out another circle with the scalloped cutter that is one size larger than the previous one. Repeat the above steps to build up the size by attaching with water.
用同一圓模切出薄片並依上述方法壓薄邊緣作第二層花瓣, 把水掃在中央後以鐵絲穿過黏在花的底部,整理好花形後將花倒轉吊乾,每次用大一號的圓模,用同樣的方法繼續做第三和第四層花瓣並用水黏上。

For the calyx, roll out some green sugarpaste thinly then cut out a shape with a small calyx cutter. Thin the edges on a foam pad with a small ball tool then push the middle a little bit down with the ball tool to make it concave. Lightly brush the middle with water then stick it to the bottom of flower by threading it through the middle. Hang upside down to dry overnight.

I made a drying rack by sticking wooden skewers in a piece of styrofoam.

I don’t want the wire to come into contact with my cake so I inserted the wires into plastic coffee stirrer straws before pushing into the cake. Sugar flowers are very brittle so handle them with care.
EC不想鐵絲直接與蛋糕接觸,於是把鐵絲藏在咖啡飲管後才插進蛋糕內。糖花十分脆弱, 因此必須小心保存免受碰撞。

Here’s what I made for my friend’s daughter.

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