Mango Chestnut Chocolate Ganache and Black Sesame Red Bean Snowskin Mooncakes

Ok alright…I know it is kind of late to blog about mooncakes as Mid Autumn Festival was already over but last year, ahem yeah last year, I made four different flavors of snowskin mooncakes. The recipes for red bean and green tea snowskin mooncakes with white chocolate ganache centers as well as coconut purple sweet…… Continue reading Mango Chestnut Chocolate Ganache and Black Sesame Red Bean Snowskin Mooncakes


Crispy Red Bean and Black Sesame Red Bean Mooncakes

I’ve fallen in love with this style of mooncakes ever since I learned making them. The flaky crust is just so good! Another great thing is that the crust of crispy mooncakes is thicker than that of traditional Cantonese ones. The wrapping process has now become a piece of cake. 自從學懂做脆皮月餅後,EC己被那酥脆的餅皮迷倒。脆皮月餅的餅皮比廣式月餅厚,因此包餡也就沒有什麼難度,做月餅時倍感輕鬆! Last week I baked…… Continue reading Crispy Red Bean and Black Sesame Red Bean Mooncakes


Traditional Cantonese Mooncakes (No Sugar Added)

I want my family and friends who are diabetic to enjoy some special treats during this Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore I have been experimenting with sugar-free mooncakes since August. I made the mooncake crust with agave nectar last year. This year I tested it with oligosaccharide syrup and sweetened the filling with xylitol. Both ingredients are…… Continue reading Traditional Cantonese Mooncakes (No Sugar Added)


Crispy Coconut Sweet Potato Mooncakes

This was my first attempt at making crispy mooncakes. Recipe for the crust was adapted from the egg custard mooncake recipe created by Chef Yip, the former Dim Sum Consultant at Spring Moon of The Peninsula Hong Kong. I tweaked the recipe by using demerara sugar and all purpose flour. I’ve also incorporated sea salt…… Continue reading Crispy Coconut Sweet Potato Mooncakes

Homemade Stuffs

Coconut Sweet Potato Paste

This is the sweet potato filling that I used for my crispy sweet potato mooncakes (recipe here). Instead of white table sugar, I sweetened the paste with oligosaccharide syrup. Oligosaccharides are carbohydrates with 2 to 10 monosaccharides (simple sugars like glucose and fructose). Most oligosaccharides are indigestible by the small intestine and therefore will not…… Continue reading Coconut Sweet Potato Paste