Dark Chocolate Mousse Charlotte

We just had a family gathering on Sunday and I’ve made two cakes, one of which was this chocolate Charlotte. French Charlotte russe is a cold dessert. The mold is first lined with finger-shaped sponge cake or ladyfingers lightly soaked in syrup. It is then filled with mousse, Bavarian cream, and/or fresh fruits. After half… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Mousse Charlotte

Homemade Stuffs

Homemade Golden Syrup

I’m planning to make Chinese mooncakes the following week and here is how I prepared my homemade golden syrup. Omnivore’s Cookbook has discussed thoroughly about this topic and I found her blog post super informative. If you have never made any golden syrup before do visit her blog. EC準備下週開始製作廣式月餅,以下是自製金黃糖漿的做法。Omnivore’s Cookbook詳細地記錄了糖漿的製作過程,網誌內容十分詳盡,資料也很豐富,EC覺得新手值得一看。 Homemade Golden Syrup 自製金黃糖漿 Makes 320… Continue reading Homemade Golden Syrup


Joconde Imprime with Salted Caramel, Coffee and Chocolate Entremet

This was the birthday cake that I made for myself. The outside was wrapped with a thin layer of almond sponge cake. Inside of the cake were layers of coffee chiffon, dark chocolate mousse, coffee gelee, salted caramel mousse and chocolate glaze. We were rushing to a restaurant for dinner so I didn’t have enough… Continue reading Joconde Imprime with Salted Caramel, Coffee and Chocolate Entremet