Pandan Chiffon Cake (Tang Mian Method) 燙麵法班蘭戚風蛋糕

Here’s another method for making Pandan Chiffon Cake. I used the tang mian method as found in my Pandan Cotton Cake, but without the water bath. I used to use a combination of pandan leaves and pandan extract but this time I am only using pandan leaves. If you want a more vibrant colour, go... Continue Reading →

Lychee and Raspberry Mousse Cake 荔枝紅桑子慕絲蛋糕

Here’s a cake I made for our family gathering over the weekend. I paired up lychee and raspberry for a sweet and tart combination as well as a beautiful contrast of colour. I was trying to add a hint of rose flavour too, but my kids didn’t like the flavour after a taste test so... Continue Reading →

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