Fondant Elephant and Balloon Cake Toppers Tutorial 小象糖皮公仔和氣球插牌裝飾做法

I am sharing with you how I made this cute fondant elephant cake topper as well as the balloons today. I used them to decorate a two-tier cake that I made for my friend’s daughter Avielle on her first birthday party. I have also made her a fondant baby shoes cake on her 100-days-old banquet. Time flies and now she’s one! May her days be filled with joy and God’s blessings



Fondant Elephant and Balloon Cake Toppers Tutorial

What you need

Fondant (grey, yellow, black, pink, purple)
Tylose powder
Silicon mat
Small bowl or paint pallet
Food dedicated paint brush
Pearl dust
Lemon extract or vodka
Light corn syrup
Styrofoam block
Vegetable shortening
Sharp knife
Wooden skewers
Floral wire




Directions 做法

For the Balloon Cake Toppers  氣球裝飾

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the fondant (I used pink and purple) until evenly distributed. Roll fondant into a ball and shape into a teardrop. Form a tiny bit of fondant into a ball then flatten slightly with your finger.

Insert the small ball into the wooden skewer then brush top and the tip of the wooden skewer with a little bit of water. Insert the tip of the wooden skewer halfway into the teardrop until it touches the small fondant.

Re-shape the fondant ball into a balloon shape. Stick balloon into a block of styrofoam.

To add shimmer, paint the balloons with pearl dust mixed with a few drops of lemon extract. For a clear shine, paint balloons with a one to one ratio of water and corn syrup (the purple and silver balloons were painted with pearl dust whereas the pink one with corn syrup diluted with water). Let dry overnight.


For the Fondant Elephant Cake Topper  糖皮小象公仔裝飾

Dust silicon mat with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the grey fondant until evenly distributed. .
粟粉洒在矽膠墊上防黏,取一少撮 tylose粉加入灰色糖皮中搓勻。

Roll fondant into a ball then flatten it into a 3 by 2 disc about 1 inch thick. With a sharp knife, cut a slit on the bottom as in the picture below. Open it up to separate a piece from the body

For the trunk, lengthen the separated piece and shape into a log. For the legs, use a small circle cutter to cut off a piece of fondant from bottom. Smooth all edges with your finger.

With a wooden skewer, make a small indent on where you want the elephant’s eyes to go. Brush the indent with water and attach a tiny black fondant ball on top.

For the balloon, knead a pinch of tylose powder into the yellow fondant until evenly distributed. Roll a tiny bit of yellow fondant into a ball then flatten it slightly. Bend the top of a florist wire into a loop and insert ball from the other end of the wire. Roll another piece of fondant into a ball then shape it into a teardrop. Brush top of small fondant piece and the loop with water. Insert the loop into the teardrop, touching the small fondant piece. Re-shape into a balloon if needed. Stick balloon into a block of styrofoam.

For the ear, roll out the pink fondant thinly. With a craft knife, cut fondant into a little slanted B shape. Smooth the edges with your finger. Attach it to the elephant with water.

Stand the elephant up on the styrofoam block. Insert the florist wire all the way through the trunk, pressing the wire into the styrofoam block so the balloon won’t fall. To make the tail, form a rope with a little bit of fondant and glue it on the elephant’s bottom. Let topper rest overnight or until dried.

Here’s the finished cake. I bent the wire a bit and added a ribbon to the balloon.


I made this for Avielle”s 100-days celebration last year. Click here for the fondant bow tutorial.


Reference 參考資料
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