Easy Fondant Bow 簡單翻糖蝴蝶結

There are several ways of making a fondant bow. Today, I am sharing with you the method that I have found the easiest and produces the best result.



Easy Fondant Bow 簡單翻糖蝴蝶結

Knead fondant until soft and pliable.  On a fondant mat, roll fondant thinly with a rolling pin (dust surface with cornstarch to prevent sticking if needed). Trim fondant into three strips with a ruler and knife. The two longer pieces should be the same size. The length and width of the strips depend on the size of your bow.

Make pleats by folding the ends of the longer strips like the shape of a “M” and pinch the ends together. Fold strips over to form a loop and stuff the loop with scrunched up tissue. Use water as a glue to secure the ends. Repeat with another strip.

Align the loops as in the picture below. Brush the underside of the small fondant strip with water then wrap it around the pinched ends of the loop. Trim off the excess fondant on the back.

With your fingers, shape the bow to your desired shape (I stretch the loops a bit so the bow is more natural-looking). Let dry completely in a cool place for one to three days. Remove tissue from the bow before placing on the cake.


I used this bow to decorate a cake I made for my friend’s daughter on her 100th day celebration.


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