How To Make A Fondant Bunny Cake Topper 翻糖小兔子蛋糕裝飾做法

This was my first time making fondant animal figurines. I created a bunny and a horse for my friend’s daughters who were born in the years of the rabbit and the horse and used the figurines to decorate their birthday cake.

I will first share with you how I made the fondant bunny. I will blog about the fondant horse next week.

How To Make A Fondant Bunny Cake Topper

What You Need

Fondant (black, white, pink, green and orange)
Tylose powder
Silicon mat
Fondant rolling pin
Parchment paper
Small craft knife
Small fondant ball modelling tool
Fondant scallop modelling tool
Fondant leaf and flower modelling tool
Round scallop cutter
Small bowl
Food dedicated paint brush
Dried pasta stick




Directions 做法

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the white fondant. Roll a portion into an egg shape for the body. Place on a piece of parchment paper so it won’t stick and can be moved around easily.

Shape two smaller white fondant of same size into teardrop shapes for the bunny’s feet. Flatten the pointy end a bit. Use a knife to make indentations for the feet on the other end as shown in picture.

Glue the feet to the body with some water. Brush one end of a pasta stick with water then insert into the body as a support.

Take two small pieces of white fondant and create two more teardrop shapes for the arms. Glue them to the body with water.

For the face, roll a medium size white fondant into a ball then flatten slightly. Use the scallop modelling tool to press two half circles into the center for the cheeks. If you don’t have this tool you can use a toothpick to draw on the marks.

Trim the pasta stick to about half of the height of the head. Brush with water then stick in the head. Roll little balls of pink and black fondant for the nose and the eyes. Attach to the face with water.

Make two small teardrop shapes for the ears. Flatten slightly then use the leaf modeling tool to make some marks as shown in picture.

Brush a small piece of pasta stick with water then insert into each ear. Brush the other end with water again then stick it into the head.

For the carrot, shape a piece of orange fondant into a long teardrop. Make some carrot marks with the back of a knife. Add some little green fondant leaves on top. Glue the carrot in the bunny’s arms with a little bit of water.

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the green fondant. Roll out fondant thinly then cut out a circle with a round scallop cutter. Glue the bunny on top. Add a small white fondant ball to the back of the bunny as the tail. I also made a number 5 to represent the age of the birthday girl. Let bunny dry in a cool place overnight.

Place bunny on top of the cake when it’s dried.

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