How to Make a Fondant Pokeball Cake Topper

I made a Pokemon Go themed fondant cake for my friend’s daughter for her birthday party last week and here’s how I constructed the Pokeball cake topper. It was styrofoam ball inside and I made it half-opened with a little Pikachu figurine standing on top. My Pokeball was approximately 3” in diameter but it can be turned into any size. A bubble straw was inserted into the cake where the Pokeball was placed for extra support.
EC上星期為朋友女兒的生日會做了Pokemon Go主題翻糖蛋糕,以下是精靈球翻糖蛋糕裝飾教程。精靈球內部是發泡膠球,EC做成了精靈球半開的模樣,中央擺放了小小的比卡超玩具擺設。精靈球球體約三寸寬,但可按比例調節大小,為了鞏固精靈球,EC在翻糖蛋糕內插入了珍珠奶茶飲管後才把裝飾放上。

When anything non-edible such as styrofoam, wooden or plastic dowel, floral wire and toothpick is adapted, make sure the party host and the guests are well notified. All non-food items have to be removed before the cake is served. This is crucial as you don’t want anyone devouring any of them by accident.

How to Make a Fondant Pokeball Cake Topper

What you need

Fondant in black, white, grey and red
Styrofoam ball (I used 3’)
Fondant mat
Fondant rolling pin
Fondant smoother
Cutting mat
Small craft knife
Small bowl
Food dedicated paint brush
Circle cutters
Large and medium piping tips
Handheld fabric steamer




Directions 做法

Cut the styrofoam ball in half with a sharp knife. Knead all fondant until pliable then set aside. Keep unused fondant wrapped in plastic wrap so it won’t dry out.

Dust fondant mat with cornstarch then roll out white fondant to 1/8″ thickness with a rolling pin. The fondant has to be big enough to cover the styrofoam hemisphere. Apply some water to the hemisphere and cover the top with fondant. Smooth all seams and edges with a fondant smoother or by hand until even and smooth. Trim off any excess.

Repeat the same step and cover the remaining hemisphere with red fondant.

Roll out black fondant to 1/8″ thickness. Cut a disc that is identical the base of the hemisphere with the appropriate circle cutter. Attach disc to the base of the red hemisphere with water.

Repeat the same step and attach a grey fondant disc to the base of the white hemisphere.

Shape black fondant into a long rope then roll out thinly into a long strip. Trim to a thin strip then attach it around the base of red hemisphere with water. In order to add some dimensions, I created a rim by placing the strip slightly above the disc. Repeat with the white hemisphere.

With the base of the large piping tip, cut out two black fondant circles. Cut one of the circles in half. Also cut out a smaller white fondant circle with the base of the medium piping tip. Attach a black semi-circle at the rim of the white hemisphere. Glue white circle on top of the black circle then attach it at the rim of the red hemisphere as shown in picture (I placed a small plastic container underneath the red hemisphere to lift it up). Set aside to dry overnight.

Insert a toothpick halfway into the back of the red hemisphere. Then stick it back to the white one at an angle to make the Pokeball appears half-opened After inserting the top and adding the Pikachu figurine the weight of the Pokeball will shift. Balance it by adding a small fondant ball on the bottom of the Pokeball. Adjust position until the Pokeball stands nicely on a flat surface.

I also made a number topper with blue and yellow fondant. A pinch of tylose powder was kneaded into the blue fondant to make it dry faster.

To finish off, I added shine to the Pokeball by steaming it briefly with a fabric steamer. Once dry the Pokeball can be placed on the cake.

My Pokemon Go fondant cake. Click here for the recipe of my vanilla cake. Click here for the recipe of my homemade marshmallow fondant.
EC的Pokemon Go主題翻糖蛋糕,雲尼拿蛋糕做法可按此,自製棉花糖翻糖做法可按此


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