How to Make Lightning McQueen Cupcakes 閃電麥坤杯子蛋糕做法

This was my third time making this cute little Lightning McQueen cupcake. When I made them the first time 2.5 years ago I used brown M&M’s for the wheels and yellow ones for the headlights. I also rolled red modelling chocolate into a rope and wrapped it around the white windshield as a border. The method I’m sharing today is the improved version and is easier.

Modeling chocolate is my preferred medium for this cupcake since, unlike fondant, it sets up quicker and firmer without any addition of tylose powder. Moreover, modeling chocolate won’t stretch like fondant so is easier to cut without tearing or changing in shape. I usually make my modeling chocolate with Candy Melts which already come in a variety of colors. So it saves time from coloring them myself too. If you don’t have modeling chocolate on hand, fondant would work equally as well. However, the drying time (especially for the windshield that stands upright) may take a day or two to firm up. Tylose powder may be kneaded into the fondant to speed up the drying process.
材料方面,EC比較喜歡使用造型朱古力,原因是造型朱古力較挺身,不須使用tylose粉也能快速乾透。其次就是它延伸性比翻糖弱,切割時不易因拉扯而變形。EC通常用Wilton的Candy Melts製作造型朱古力,貪其多色可選可省回不少調色時間。當然使用翻糖也可,但翻糖裝飾(尤其是直立的擋風玻璃)需要數天才會完全乾透,必要時可於翻糖搓入少量tylose粉加速乾透時間。


How to Make Lightning McQueen Cupcakes

What you need

Modeling chocolate (white, black, grey, red and yellow)
Silicon mat
Small knife
Fondant rolling pin
Circle cookie cutters of various sizes
Circle fondant cutters
Melted white chocolate
Cupcake frosting (I used Swiss meringue buttercream)



Directions 做法

Knead all modeling chocolate until pliable then set aside. Take some red modeling chocolate then roll out with a fondant rolling pin on the fondant mat to 1/8“ thickness. Use a circle cutter to cut out a disc that is big enough to cover the cupcake top. Spread a thin layer of frosting on the cupcake surface with a spatula. Wrap with the disc then smooth top and all edges with your palm. Set aside.


For the windshield, roll out white modeling chocolate to 1/8“ thick. With a knife cut a trapezoid with a base width slightly less than the width of the cupcake. Trim the top and bottom with a knife as shown in picture and round the top corners with fingers. Roll out red modeling chocolate to 1/8“ thick. Glue the white piece on top with melted white chocolate. Trim red piece with a knife, leaving borders on three sides only. Round top corners with fingers. Let dry for 5 minutes.


Make the four wheels with a circle fondant cutter (or simply shape by hand). Roll out grey modeling chocolate thinly and, with a smaller fondant circle cutter, cut out four circles for the rims. Create impression with a toothpick. Attach rims to the wheels with melted chocolate. Let dry for 5 minutes.


Adhere windshield and wheels to the cupcake with melted chocolate. Make the eyes and headlights with black and yellow modeling chocolate respectively then attach to the car with melted chocolate. Add a smiley face with melted chocolate. Let dry.


My creations back in April, 2014.


I baked a dozen of vanilla cupcakes and turned two of them into Lightning McQueen. The rest were decorated with Swiss meringue buttercream and sprinkles.


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