How to Evenly Distribute Cupcake Batter 如何平均分配杯子蛋糕麵糊

The following was my sharing from my Facebook page back in Sep 2014. I’d like to transfer it over to my blog so my readers can look it up easily. Read about my original post here.

Evenly distributed cupcake batter = Same-sized cupcakes = Tons of compliments…”oh did you make them? They look so professionally made!”
平均分配的麵糊 = 一模一樣的杯子蛋糕 = 別人讚美的目光…“嘩! 你好pro呀!啲cupcake好似街買嗰啲咁樣!”

When you look at a cupcake or muffin recipe, it is usually written “fill/spoon paper liners 2/3 full with batter”. If you use a spoon, you probably end up with a drippy mess because of the small spoon size. If the worst comes to worst, you get cupcakes that are unevenly sized, with some over baked and some under baked. This is pretty frustrating for a baker… Today I am sharing with you a trick that will let you evenly distribute your batter every time. And my secret is (drum roll please…) a spring-loaded ice cream scoop!

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I’ve seen batter dispenser available online: you fill in the container with batter then push the handle to release the batter. This prevents a drippy mess but is more for runny batter like pancakes, waffles, crepes, and sauces. If your batter is thick or contains add on ingredients such as chocolate chips, chopped nuts or raisins, the valve may be clogged. This design doesn’t meet my standard to achieve an even distribution of batter since it is only a guesstimate. I have two spring loaded ice cream scoops in my kitchen, one 60 ml and one 20 ml. I got them from my local dollar store and each perfectly fills my regular and mini cupcake liners 2/3 full with batter. After mixing your batter, have a big scoop then level off the batter and wipe the bottom of the scoop with a spatula or a clean finger so there will be no drippy mess. Transfer the batter to the liners by squeezing the trigger and watch your batter uniformly divided among the liners in a breeze! With this method, your cupcakes or muffins are all the same sizes all the time.
EC見過網上售賣的漏斗形麵糊分配器(batter dispenser),只需按動手柄,麵糊會自動流出不會弄污桌子。但這只適用於較稀的麵糊如pancakes, waffles, crepes 及各種醬汁,對於稠身和加了配料如朱古力粒、果仁及提子乾的麵糊,小小的洞口除了較易被阻塞,而且只能目測麵糊份量,不能達到EC對“平均分配麵糊”的要求。EC家兩個一大一小的雪糕勺是在dollar store(即香港的十二蚊店)購買的,容量大概是60及20毫升,一平匙份量剛好裝滿普通及迷你紙模的三份二。當攪拌好麵糊後,只要舀起麵糊,用膠刮或清潔的手指抹平雪糕勺表面,再抹去外面的麵糊防止它們滴下,然後按動彈弓手柄便可輕輕鬆鬆地將相同份量的麵糊分配入紙模了!焗起後就是形狀大小高度一致的杯子蛋糕或鬆餅唷~

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These scoops are so useful. They are not just good for ice cream and cupcake batter. I use the larger one for preparing mashed potato and the smaller one for cake pop, chocolate truffles, and cookie dough. If you want cupcakes that are evenly-sized and evenly-cooked-through, the scoop method is surely the best bet. I hope you will like this too.
除了麵糊外(當然還有雪糕!),大雪糕勺亦可以裝薯蓉,小的則可以量cake pop、 chocolate truffle和曲奇麵糰,保證在最短時間內做到最理想的效果,大家快來試一試!

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