How to Evenly Distribute Cupcake Batter 如何平均分配杯子蛋糕麵糊

The following was my sharing from my Facebook page back in Sep 2014. I’d like to transfer it over to my blog so my readers can look it up easily. Read about my original post here. 以下是EC在2014年9月時於Facebook專頁內的分享,現在為它搬家方便網友查閱,原文可按這裡。 Evenly distributed cupcake batter = Same-sized cupcakes = Tons of compliments..."oh did you make them? They look so... Continue Reading →

How to Bake Flat Layer Cakes 如何焗出表面平坦的蛋糕

Have you ever wonder why cakes dome on you? Why do cakes dome in the middle first of all? That is just physics! When the cake is being baked in the oven, heat conducts faster near the periphery of the pan, making the sides of the cake set faster. The center of the cake is... Continue Reading →

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