Captain America Shield Fondant Cake Topper Tutorial 美國隊長盾牌翻糖裝飾做法

I made a two-tier Superhero themed birthday cake for my friend’s son last month. It was chocolate cake on the bottom and vanilla cake on top (see my recipes here and here). Both were filled with dark chocolate ganache then covered with homemade marshmallow fondant (click here for the recipe). I am sharing with you how I made the Captain America shield cake topper. It will take a day or two, depending on the weather and humidity, for the topper to dry completely. So make the decoration ahead of time.


Captain America Shield Fondant Cake Topper Tutorial

What you need

Fondant (white, red and royal blue)
Tylose powder
Silicon mat
Fondant rolling pin
Parchment paper
Plastic food wrap
Small bowl
Food dedicated paint brush
Small star cutter
Circle cutters of various sizes
Small number cutter
Ball shape cake pan (or any spherical object of appropriate size)
Hand-held fabric steamer





Directions 做法

Prepare a small star cutter and four round cutters of various sizes. I used the third, fifth, seventh and ninth cutter (first being the smallest) from my set of 12 round cutters and the smallest star cutter from my star cutter set.

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the blue fondant until evenly distributed. On a piece of parchment paper, roll out fondant with a fondant rolling pin to 1/8“ thick. Cut out the star and smallest circle shapes as shown. Remove the star shape and keep the circle shape covered with plastic wrap until ready to use.
藍色糖皮加入一少撮tylose powder搓勻後在牛油紙上用擀麵棍壓至1/8“薄,如圖用最小的圓形及星形切模印出圖案,取走星形,將圓形圖案用保鮮紙蓋好防乾備用。

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the red fondant until evenly distributed. Roll out fondant to 1/8“ thick. Cut out circle shapes with all 4 cutters as shown. Remove the innermost circle and the middle ring and keep the remaining rings covered with plastic wrap until ready to use.
紅色糖皮加入一少撮tylose powder搓勻後壓至1/8“薄,如圖用四個圓形切模印出圖案,取走中間環子及最小的圓形部份,餘下兩個環子用保鮮紙蓋好防乾備用。

Knead a pinch of tylose powder into the white fondant until evenly distributed. Roll out fondant to 1/8“ thick. Cut out the star shape and the  circle shapes with the three smaller cutters as shown (there is no need to use the smallest circle cutter actually). Remove everything but the star shape and the biggest ring. Keep shapes covered with plastic wrap until ready to use.
白色糖皮加入一少撮tylose powder搓勻後壓至1/8“薄,如圖用三個較小的圓形及星形切模印出圖案(EC後來才發覺不需使用最小的圓模),留下星形及最大的環子,其他的取走,把圖案用保鮮紙蓋好防乾備用。

Dust parchment paper piece with some cornstarch to prevent sticking. With a brush and water, adhere the rings, circle and star shapes to form a shield.

Smooth surface and edges with your finger.

Cover the ball cake pan with plastic wrap to prevent fondant from sticking. Carefully transfer the shield and place on top of the pan. Cut out the number with a number cutter and adhere in the middle. Let dry for a day or two.

When the shield is dry, lightly steam it with a hand-held fabric steamer. This will clean all the cornstarch and give the fondant a glossy look. When dry, the topper is ready to be placed onto the cake.

Then I started decorating the cake board. I used black fondant stripes to make a spider web pattern. It took me half a day to complete this cake!

Before I dropped the cake off to my friend’s house, I applied a final coat of steam to make it glossy. The decorations in her house were amazing!


Reference: Grated Nutmeg and Craftsy.

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