Homemade Marshmallow Fondant 棉花糖翻糖

My niece’s birthday and mine are just one day apart. After making my own birthday cake, it was time to make hers. Last year I made her cupcakes with Lightsaber cupcake toppers. This year she had a Minion themed birthday party held at an indoor playground. Serving cupcakes to kids within a limited time frame would be a lot more convenient; however, both my sister and I agreed that a bigger cake would be better for picture taking. So I decided to make her both. My sister was on vacation and it was Thursday night that things were finalized. The party was Saturday early afternoon, meaning I got only one day to make, from scratch, a small fondant cake and 30 cupcakes with Minion cake toppers. I was glad I was able to finish everything on time.

The Minion cupcake toppers and other decorations were made with modeling chocolate. I have blogged about this before (see here) so what I would like to share today is my marshmallow fondant recipe. I love to cover my cakes with homemade fondant while using modeling chocolate for all other decorations (the entire cake of course can be covered and decorated with fondant. This is just my personal preference). This homemade marshmallow fondant recipe is adapted from Craftsy. It contains corn syrup which makes the fondant more pliable. As I make small cakes most of the time, 1/2 or even 1/3 of the batch is more than enough for me. For this 6 by 3.5 inch cake that I created, I made only 12 oz of blue fondant (which was 1/4 of the original recipe) with some left over. I colored the entire batch blue at the beginning as it was less messy. The pictures below were taken back in May. The fondant was untinted and different colors were mixed in afterwards. Here is the recipe.




Marshmallow Fondant

makes 12 oz of fondant, enough to cover a 6 or 7 inch cake


4 ounces (113 g) marshmallows
1/2 Tbsp water
1/16 tsp salt
1/2 Tbsp light corn syrup
1/16 tsp lemon extract (optional)
1/4 tsp clear vanilla extract
8 ounces (227 g) powdered sugar
Vegetable shortening, for greasing
Gel food coloring


棉花糖 4安士/113克
水 1/2湯匙
鹽 1/16茶匙
粟膠 1/2湯匙
檸檬香油 1/16茶匙(可省略)
透明雲呢拿油 1/4茶匙
糖粉 8安士/227克
固體菜油 適量(防黏用)

Directions 做法

Grease a microwave-safe bowl and utensils (I use a chopstick for stirring and a spatula for mixing and scraping) with vegetable shortening. This is an important preparation as marshmallows stick like crazy.

Place marshmallows and water into the bowl. Microwave for approximately 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the size and quantity of marshmallows, or until the marshmallows are all puffed up. If the marshmallows have not melted completely (I stir with a chopstick to check), reheat them for 10 more seconds in the microwave. The mixture is hot so be careful not to burn your fingers.

Add corn syrup, salt and extracts (if using). If you would like to color the entire batch it is the time to do so. Stir until well combined. Add 3/4 of the powdered sugar into mixture and mix (I mix with a chopstick initially to prevent sugar from flying out of the bowl then switch to a spatula). When you can no longer mix with your spatula, it is time to knead by hand.
加入 粟膠 、鹽和香油 (如用)拌匀,若要加色此時亦可加入色膏,倒入3/4糖粉繼續攪拌(EC通常先用筷子攪拌預防糖粉濺出,然後轉用膠刮),當難以在碗內完成攪拌時便可轉用手搓。

Scrape mixture onto a cleaned and greased surface. With greased hands (I grease mine as if I am applying hand lotion on), knead mixture until smooth. Knead in the rest of the powdered sugar little by little. The amount of powdered sugar needed may depend on the humidity of that day. I don’t always use up all the sugar.

Shape fondant into a ball. Lightly coat the surface with vegetable shortening to prevent fondant from drying. Then double wrap fondant in plastic wrap and insert into a large ziplock bag. Squeeze air out of bag as much as possible then seal. Allow fondant to rest half a day or overnight before using. Knead fondant again until soft and pliable before using.



To color the entire batch of fondant, add gel color after melting the marshmallow to make your life easier.


Here are some snapshots of the cakes.





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