How To Smooth A Cake 如何使用刮板抹平蛋糕

I passed by a $12 store two days ago and saw a stainless steel bench scraper there. I thought it would be great to share how I used this to frost my cakes. This is a technique I usually use for buttercream and ganache cakes. It can easily be adapted to whipped cream cakes as well. Since whipped cream won’t turn hard after being chilled like buttercream and ganache do, the final finishing that is done after the icing hardens up is not required.


How To Smooth A Cake With A Scraper

What you will need:

A crumb-coated and chilled cake
A bench scraper
An offset spatula
A turntable
A cake board
A bowl of whipped cream icing that is whipped to soft peak (or icing of your choice)



Directions 做法:

Prepare a cake board that is slightly larger than your cake. I used a 7-inch vanilla chiffon cake and a 7.5-inch cake board here. You may wanna wrap the board with plastic wrap so it can be reused.


After filling (it was whipped cream icing and fresh mango pieces here) and stacking your cake, crumb coat the cake with a thin layer of whipped cream (this is to seal in the cake’s crumbs so they won’t show on the final layer of icing). Chill the cake for 15 to 20 minutes until it firms up. Place the chilled cake in the middle of the cake board.


Drop a big dollop of whipped cream onto the cake then smooth it over the top of the cake with an offset spatula. You will be scraping off the excess so you will need more than you use. Don’t think that I put a lot!


Next, apply a thick layer of icing on the side of the cake and spread it all around the side with an offset spatula.


With one hand holding the bench scraper upright and perpendicular to the board without moving, start smoothing the edges while rotating the turntable towards you with another hand. It may take several round trips to get the icing smooth. Wipe off excess icing and put it back into the bowl.


Fill up any holes (the circled areas) with more icing. Run the scraper around the cake again until the edge is straight and smooth.



Now work on the top by pushing the overhanging icing towards the center of the cake. The top doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth as it will be covered by other decorations.


Run the offset spatula under the cake to release it and then transfer the iced cake to the final cake board. Pipe a border around the base and on the top edge of the cake. Garnish the center with fresh fruits or shaved chocolate. I made this cake for a kids gathering and let them garnish the cake so I didn’t have pictures for this fabulously decorated cake.


This was what my cake looked like before being covered with fondant. I frosted it with Swiss meringue buttercream using the above method. After the first smoothing, I placed the cake back in the fridge until the buttercream firmed up then smoothed the side and top of the cake again with my bench scraper dipped in hot water. The heat would melt the buttercream a bit making the surface even smoother, which was essential for a flawless fondant finish. Then I rolled my fondant and draped it over my chilled cake.


The bench scraper found in my local $12 store.


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  1. 你好


    如果我係 chiffon cake 做底Just with a simple inside heart and then 抺cream 自己再整d chocolate decorate on top and some sparkles around the cake

    但是我唔明the different between wipping cream frosting and buttercream frosting? 我應該用邊種呢?

    Ps. 很感謝你的食譜及你的心得^_^

    Many thanks!


    1. Hi Suki, thank you for stopping by. Whipped cream frosting is made with whipping cream and sugar and has to be refrigerated. Buttercream (swiss meringue buttercream in my case) is made with butter, meringue (egg whites plus sugar) and some flavorings Buttercream cakes may be refrigerated but are served at room temperature. So it is really a personal preference which frosting to use. Hope it helps!


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