Poké Ball Chocolate Smash Cake 精靈球扑扑蛋糕

My son was watching another Pokémon series on Netflix so I decided to make him a Poké Ball cake for his birthday back in July (yeah I know it’s super late to blog about it). I remember hearing about this Japanese anime after going to Canada. It’s amazing that it’s still on and popular among... Continue Reading →

Chiffon Cake with Meat Floss 肉鬆戚風蛋糕

I found some shredded dried meat/meat floss when I was clearing up my pantry so I decided to make this sweet and savory chiffon cake. I wanna use up this huge package of meat floss fast so I added it both on top and in between the layers. I just happened to have a bottle... Continue Reading →

Opera Cake 歌劇院蛋糕

This is what I made for my dad’s birthday in December (yes I know it’s already end of March now). There is actually nothing new about this cake but a combination of different things I’ve made before. Apart from a cake layer, the almond sponge cake could also be used as a cake wrapper. For... Continue Reading →

Banana Pound Cake 香蕉牛油磅蛋糕

Pound cake is named for the traditional proportions of a pound each of flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Mine is a reduced sugar and scaled down version that incorporates leavening agent (baking powder) for a less dense pound cake and mashed bananas for extra moisture. 磅蛋糕的名稱來自其傳統材料比例-- 麵粉,牛油,砂糖和雞蛋各一磅。EC依比例縮小了份量製作自己的版本,糖的比例固然减少了,也加入泡打粉增加蛋糕鬆軟度,另外亦加了香蕉泥使蛋糕更濕潤。 To make it easier for the egg mixture... Continue Reading →

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