How to Make Cars Cake 反斗車王蛋糕做法

Here is how I made my Cars cake.  It resembled a fondant cake but was done with a mousse cake.  A cheesecake would work as well.  If you find fondant too sweet to your liking like I do, this may be your choice.

How to Make Cars Cake

First, make a sketch.


For the mousse cake:
Prepare a 7-inch double chocolate mousse cake (or any light colored mousse cake or cheesecake).  Color the white chocolate mousse blue by adding some blue food coloring (I used americolor sky blue).  After the mousse has set, unmold it and place it on a cake board.  You may glue the cake to the cake board with melted chocolate to keep it from sliding.

預備一個七吋的黑白朱古力慕絲蛋糕(或任何淺色的慕絲或芝士蛋糕),將藍色色膏加在白朱古力慕絲中(EC用Americolor sky blue),慕絲雪實後脱模,用溶朱古力固定在蛋糕唔紙上。

For the chocolate mountains:  
Prepare a piece of acetate cake liner that is long enough to wrap around the cake.  Cut the liner in the shape of mountains.  Spread an even layer of melted chocolate on top with an offset spatula.  When the chocolate is starting to set, wrap the strip around the cake.  Chill cake in fridge until chocolate is set.  Peel off the strip carefully.



For the mini cacti:
Roll green modeling chocolate (I used white modeling chocolate mixed with green tea powder) into a rope then cut it into desired lengths in proportion to the mountain.  Make one of the ends pointy and shape them into cacti.  Set aside to let them firm up.



For the cactus cake topper:
Roll green modeling into a sausage.  Cut one long section as the main body and four shorter sections as the branches.  Shape the tops of each section with fingertips to make it slightly pointy.  Poke each section with a small open star piping tip to make them look spiky.  Insert toothpicks from the base of each section.  Attache the branches to the main body then set aside to let it firm up.  I stuck it on an apple to keep it from deforming.



For the number cookie topper:
With a number cookie cutter, bake a cookie and insert a toothpick to the base of the dough before baking.  Let cool completely.  Roll out red  modeling chocolate thinly and cut a number with the same cookie cutter.  Stick them together with melted chocolate.



For the name and other decorations:
Make letters and stars with red, orange, and yellow modeling chocolate using silicon molds.


To assemble:
Glue mini cacti on the side of the cake with melted chocolate.  Insert cactus and number cake topper near the back of the cake.  Put crushed biscuit in the middle  of the cake and beside the mini cacti (you may add melted chocolate to secure the crumbs).  Glue letters and stars on the cake with melted chocolate.  Before serving the cake, place the toy car on top of the crumbs.



**Cake design inspired by Pinterest  蛋糕設計靈感來自Pinterest**

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