How to Make Edible Sugar Lace from Scratch 如何自製蕾絲糖花

I am sharing with you how I make my sugar lace from scratch. I’ve tried a few different recipes before but this gives the best result. I love how flexible and soft the laces are. This recipe is adapted from Lea’s Cooking. I added clear lemon (and sometimes vanilla) extract to the paste as the … Continue reading How to Make Edible Sugar Lace from Scratch 如何自製蕾絲糖花

How to Make Gumpaste 甘佩斯做法

I’ve made marshmallow fondant and modeling chocolate before for my cake decorations. Now this is time for gumpaste. Gumpaste is used mainly for figures and flowers. It dries a lot faster than fondant and can be rolled out very thinly. The one I have been using was from Wilton. When I finished with my store-bought … Continue reading How to Make Gumpaste 甘佩斯做法

More Homemade Gummies (Yakult, Orange and Fruit Flavors) 益力多、橙汁、果味軟糖

We had a fellowship cell group gathering at my house last Saturday. My elder daughter and I made some homemade gummy candies for our little guests. We made blackcurrant, strawberry and berry gummies with jelly powder as well as gummies with orange juice and their probiotic drinks (Yakult). The ones made with jelly powder were … Continue reading More Homemade Gummies (Yakult, Orange and Fruit Flavors) 益力多、橙汁、果味軟糖

Homemade Mascarpone 自製mascarpone芝士

Do you know that mascarpone, the main ingredients found in tiramisu, can be made at home? If I tell you that, to make your own mascarpone, all you need is some whipping cream, lemon juice or white vinegar, an instant-read thermometer, together with some common kitchen utensils, and that 350 g of mascarpone cheese costs … Continue reading Homemade Mascarpone 自製mascarpone芝士

Homemade Dulce de Leche 煉奶焦糖醬 (焗爐製法)

Dulce de Leche is a sweet, toffee tasting sauce that is classically made from caramelizing milk and sugar. It can be used as a spread, dipping sauce or as a flavoring in baked goods, filling/frosting, candy making, and many other desserts. You could even just eat this as a candy. The easiest way to make … Continue reading Homemade Dulce de Leche 煉奶焦糖醬 (焗爐製法)

Cake Scrap Cookie Crumbs 利用剩餘蛋糕自製餅碎

Before decorating a cake, I would level off the domed top before slicing it into layers. Other times, I need only one of two cake layers while I bake a cake. Instead of snacking on the leftovers,  why not turn them into homemade cookie crumbs? They work well just like any other crumbs made with digestive biscuits, Marie biscuits … Continue reading Cake Scrap Cookie Crumbs 利用剩餘蛋糕自製餅碎