Homemade Gummies 自製橡皮糖

The Lego gummy candy seems to be a big hit recently. I don’t have those Lego molds but I do have some other silicon jelly/ice cube molds and polycarbonate chocolate molds. After seeing my friend Bonnie making her Hello Kitty gummies, I could not wait to give it a try. I always wanna get my kids involved whenever possible so I have made mine with the microwave. For my simplified version, powdered gelatin is bloomed separately and then added to the jello mixture during the final stage. This method ensures that the gelatin gets fully dissolved into the syrup. I have also tried adding chewable vitamin tablets (I crushed them into a fine powder) into my candy syrup. The addition of vitamins made my gummies cloudy and I think I prefer the clear color more.

最近Lego橡皮糖大熱,EC家中沒有Lego模,有的只是其他矽膠啫喱/製冰模及做朱古力的專用模。看到好友Bonnie漂亮的Hello Kitty橡皮糖後,EC當然亦想一試啦!EC常常找機會讓小朋友一起參與煮食活動,所以將做法轉成較簡易的微波爐版。EC的方法是將魚膠粉分開浸泡後才在最後過程拌入糖漿中,這可確保魚膠粉完全溶解。EC亦嘗試將可咀嚼的維他命丸打成粉末加在糖中增添營養,可是加添維他命後的橡皮糖顏色會變得較混濁,EC還是比較喜歡透明的顏色。


Homemade Gummies

Recipe adapted from Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”


1/2 C water, divided
1/4 C (about 80 g) white corn syrup
1 pack Jell-O (any flavor, I use no-sugar added ones)
2 packages (about 14 g) Knox unflavored gelatin (according to Knox’s company website, each envelop contains 2.5 teaspoons or 7 g of gelatin)
6 – 10 chewable vitamin tablets (optional)



凍滾水 1/2 杯 (分半)
粟膠 1/4 杯 (約80克)
啫喱粉 1盒 (EC用無糖啫喱粉)
魚膠粉 2小包(約14克) ~根據Knox公司網頁,每小包內含2.5茶匙或7克魚膠粉)
可咀嚼式維他命丸 6至10粒 (選用)

Directions 做法

In a small bowl, sprinkle gelatin over half of the water. Give it a quick stir then set aside for 5 minutes.

With a food processor, process vitamin tablets until you have a very fine powder (this is optional. I just want to add some vitamins to my gummies). The color will turn from clear to cloudy if vitamin powder is added

In another bowl, stir together the corn syrup and the remaining water. Add Jell-O powder and the optional vitamin powder. Stir well then pop bowl in the microwave and heat until the powder has dissolved. It takes one minute in my microwave.

Add in the bloomed gelatin (it will be a big clump by now) and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour syrup into moulds and refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours or until set. Unmold gummies and serve!


These gummies are made without vitamin powder. They have a transparent color. I used a polycarbonate mold and it gave my gummies a glossy look.


(Updated June 1) The video (in Cantonese) below shows how I unmold my gummies
(六月一日更新) 今早拍了片示範如何脫模


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