How to Make Gumpaste 甘佩斯做法

I’ve made marshmallow fondant and modeling chocolate before for my cake decorations. Now this is time for gumpaste. Gumpaste is used mainly for figures and flowers. It dries a lot faster than fondant and can be rolled out very thinly. The one I have been using was from Wilton. When I finished with my store-bought gumpaste I just decided to make my own from scratch. I was very satisfied with the results. Not only was it economical, it also didn’t have that unpleasant smell as found in the store bought one. It was less sticky and stiff and I could make as little or as much as needed. This gumpaste recipe was adapted from the award winning cake artist Nicholas Lodge (his recipe is available for download from his own blog). I scaled it down to a smaller portion (with just one egg white) and here’s how I made it.

EC裝飾蛋糕用的翻糖造型朱古力都是自製的,今趟輪到甘佩斯 (gumpaste)了!甘佩斯一般用於糖公仔及糖花製作,比翻糖快乾,延展性十分好,以往EC使用的甘佩斯購自Wilton,最近用光了便嘗試自己動手做,效果十分好呢!不但經濟,亦沒有現成甘佩斯的異味,質地柔軟不黏手,更重要的是EC可按需要而做。此甘佩斯配方來自糖花達人Nicholas Lodge,他的個人網頁有食譜的下載連結,EC將食譜修改為一隻蛋白的份量,以下是EC的甘佩斯做法分享。

How to Make Gumpaste 甘佩斯做法

makes about 1/2 pound
可做 約半磅


30 g egg white (fresh or pasteurized)
200 to 220 g powdered sugar, divided
1 Tbsp (about 7 g) tylose powder
1 Tbsp vegetable shortening, for greasing


新鮮或盒裝消毒蛋白 30克
糖粉,分開 200-220克
Tylose powder 1湯匙 (約7克)
固體菜油 (防黏用) 1湯匙

Directions 做法

With a hand mixer or a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat egg white for a few seconds to break it up.

Add 3/4 of the powdered sugar. Beat at low speed until incorporated. Switch to medium speed and continue beating until mixture holds soft peaks. It will look like royal icing which is thick and glossy.

Gradually sprinkle in the tylose powder. Beat with medium speed until the mixture thickens up.
慢慢洒入tylose powder,用中速拌至黏稠。

Grease your work surface with a thin layer of vegetable shortening and sprinkle the remaining powdered sugar on top. Scrape mixture onto the work surface. With shortening-greased hands, gradually knead remaining powdered sugar into the paste until you get a soft but not sticky dough. You may not need all the sugar.

Wrap paste with plastic food wrap then insert it into a Ziploc bag. Pace sealed bag in the refrigerate for 24 hours to mature the paste. I labelled the bag with the date I made it.

Remove the gumpaste from the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Knead in some vegetable shortening before using. Store unused gumpaste in ziploc bag in the fridge for up to 6 months.


I used a mixture of fondant and gumpaste to create this little fondant brooch. See how to make the fondant brooch here.

I learned this gumpaste rose from various YouTube tutorials today. Does it look like a rose at all?

See here for the tutorial.


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