How to Make Edible Sugar Lace from Scratch 如何自製蕾絲糖花

I am sharing with you how I make my sugar lace from scratch. I’ve tried a few different recipes before but this gives the best result. I love how flexible and soft the laces are. This recipe is adapted from Lea’s Cooking. I added clear lemon (and sometimes vanilla) extract to the paste as the lace tasted pretty bland (I actually think it smelled a bit odd).
這是EC使用的自製蕾絲糖霜粉配方,此配方做出來的蕾絲十分柔軟有彈性,是EC試過幾個綱上蕾絲食譜中最好的。配方修改自Lea’s Cooking,因為蕾絲本身是沒有任何味道的(拿起來嗅一下甚至是怪怪的),所以EC在配方中添加了檸檬香油(有時是雲尼拿油)增添香氣。

The following are my four tips when it comes to cake lace preparation. Firstly, be patient and stir the mixture slowly and long enough in order to get rid of any lumps. Secondly, make thicker lace by applying two coats of lace mixture. The thicker the lace, the stronger and prettier it will be. Thirdly, add glycerin to your lace mixture. The lace will come out so much more flexible and won’t tear or break easily when stretched. Last but not least, in order to save time, I do recommend that you purchase 3 to 4 mats of the same design (unless you got the big mat that is of the size of a pillow case). It is most efficient to dry the mats in a dehydrator or an oven. If not, you will need to air dry them overnight.


How to Make Edible Sugar Lace from Scratch

For 8 to 9 17 x 5 cm sugar lace mats
8至9個17 x 5 cm蕾絲糖花墊份量


4 Tbsp hot water
1/2 Tbsp Tylose/CMC powder
1/2 Tbsp powder sugar
1 Tbsp cornstarch
1/4 tsp meringue powder
1/4 tsp clear corn syrup
1/2 tsp glycerin
1/16 tsp clear lemon or vanilla extract
A few drops of white gel color or color of your choice


熱水 4湯匙
Tylose或CMC粉 半湯匙
糖粉 半湯匙
粟粉 1湯匙
蛋白粉 1/4茶匙
粟膠 1/4茶匙
食用甘油 半茶匙
檸檬或雲尼拿油(無色) 1/16茶匙
白色色膏(或自選顔色) 少許

Directions 做法

In a small bowl mix tylose powder with hot water. Keep stirring with a chopstick until mixture has no lumps. Be patient as this may take a while. Just keep mixing.


Add powdered sugar and cornstarch and mix till combined. Then gradually stir in the meringue powder, corn syrup, glycerin and extract. Again, be patient and mix slowly until mixture is smooth.


Add in the color of your choice. I used Wilton’s White-white icing color. Your lace mixture is done! It will look like a thick paste.


With a spatular, spread lace paste into the lace mat. Make sure all the crevices are filled in. Scrap off the excess with an offset spatular. Repeat with other mats.


Place the mats in a dehydrator set on 125℉/50℃ and dry for 20 to 30 minutes or until the color looks dull. The mats can also be dried in an oven.
把蕾絲墊放在乾燥機內,以 125℉/50℃烘20至30分鐘至顏色變暗啞不黏手,沒有乾燥機可用焗爐代替。


Remove mats from the dehydrator and apply a second coat. Scrape off excess. Dry again for 30 minutes or until the lace is no longer sticky when touched.


After the lace is dried thoroughly, flip the mat over and peel the lace off slowly and gently.


(This step is optional)  For a shiny effect, I painted the lace with white pearl dust diluted in clear lemon extract (vodka would work too). Let dry.


To decorate a fondant cake, brush some water onto the back of a lace then press it onto the cake. Unused lace can be stored in a plastic zip lock bag. To prevent them from sticking to each other, wrap each individually in parchment paper and they will be good for a couple of weeks.


I decorated this bridal shower cake with sugar lace for the bottom tier.
這是EC做的bridal shower蛋糕,下層以蕾絲糖花圍邊作裝飾。


This was my 10th wedding anniversary cake I made for our party last year. The mats were dried in an oven as I didn’t own a dehydrator that time.


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