Mango Matcha Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze 芒果抹茶慕絲鏡面蛋糕

I usually use Mexican Ataulfo mangoes for my dessert but there is no guarantee that you will have access to fresh mango at peak ripeness every time. When this time hits, canned mango pulp comes in handy. I made a few mousse cakes with Kesar mango pulp in April and was very pleased with both the taste and texture of my mango mousse. So today I’d like to share the recipe with my fellow readers.
EC通常使用墨西哥出產的香檳芒果做甜品,但畢竟不是每次也可買到熟成的新鮮芒果啊!找不到又香又甜的芒果時,罐裝芒果蓉便大派用場。 EC四月時用Kesar芒果蓉做了幾個慕士蛋糕,對成品的味道及質感十分滿意,因此今天也分享一下食譜。

Kesar mangoes from India are commonly known as the queen of mangoes. I like them better than Alphonso mangoes as their fragrance is less strong. I tried two different brands of sweetened Kesar mango pulp (I couldn’t find unsweetened ones) and they varied in sweetness. Therefore, the amount of sugar used in the mousse should be adjusted according to personal taste as well as the sweetness of the pulp.
Kesar芒果是號稱芒果之后的印度芒果,與印度芒果之王阿芳素芒果相比,EC比較喜歡香氣不太濃烈的Kesar芒果。 EC找不到不含糖的芒果蓉便試用了兩款含糖果蓉,其中一款明顯比較甜。因此做甜品時應按個人口味及果蓉甜度調整糖量。

I used green tea chiffon cake as the cake base as it complemented the mango so well. For recipes made with fresh mango, feel free to visit my other blog posts such as Mango Gâteaux (Mango Mousse with Green Tea Cake) , Mango Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze, No Bake Mango Cheesecake, Joconde Imprime with Coconut-Mango, Purple Yam Entremet and Mango Coconut Chia Pudding.
這次使用與芒果味道十分合襯的綠茶戚風蛋糕底。其他以新鮮芒果所作的食譜可參考芒果綠茶慕絲蛋糕芒果慕絲鏡面蛋糕 ,芒果芝士凍餅椰香紫薯配芒果乳酪慕絲蛋糕椰香芒果奇異籽布丁杯等。


Mango Matcha Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze

For 18 cm eclipse silicon mold
18 cm 圓形矽膠模份量


For the Matcha Chiffon Cake
40 g cake and pastry flour
3 g (about 1/2 Tbsp) matcha powder
2 egg yolks, large
25 g grapeseed oil
25 g milk
2 egg whites, large
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
30 g granulated sugar

Notes: The eggs I use are about 50 g each without shells.

For the Mango Mousse
65 g water
13 g gelatin powder
300 g canned Kesar mango pulp
30 to 50 g (or to taste) granulated sugar
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
225 g whipping cream

For the Mirror Glaze (recipe adapted from so good.. magazine)
8 g gelatin powder
40 g water (mixed with gelatin powder)
100 g granulated sugar
100 g glucose syrup (I used corn syrup)
50 g water
70 g sweetened condensed milk
100 g white chocolate, chopped
Gel food coloring as needed


低筋麵粉 40克
抹茶粉 3克(約1/2湯匙)
大蛋蛋黃 2個
葡萄籽油 25克
牛奶 25克
大蛋蛋白 2個
他他粉 1/4茶匙
細砂糖 30克


水 65克
魚膠粉 13克
罐裝Kesar芒果蓉 300克
細砂糖 30 – 50克(可依果蓉甜度自行調整份量)
檸檬汁 半湯匙
淡忌廉 225克

鏡面 (食譜參考自 so good.. magazine)
魚膠粉 8克
水(加入魚膠粉) 40克
細砂糖 100克
葡萄糖漿(EC用粟膠) 100克
水 50克
煉奶 70克
白朱古力(切碎) 100克
色膏 適量

Directions 做法

For the Matcha Chiffon Cake 抹茶戚風蛋糕
Sift flour and matcha powder together in a mixing bowl. Stir well then make a well in the center. Add oil, milk and egg yolks to the well and whisk gently until combined.

In a clean, separate mixing bowl, whip egg whites with a hand mixer until foamy. Add cream of tartar and continue beating until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar in batches and continue beating until glossy and firm peaks form. Scoop one third of the meringue to the yolk mixture and mix well to lighten. Then pour this back to the remaining meringue. Fold gently and thoroughly until homogeneous.

Pour batter into a 6” parchment paper lined round cake pan and smooth top with a spatula. Tap pan against the kitchen counter several times to get rid of any large air bubbles. Bake in a 325°F/160°C preheated oven until a wooden skewer inserted into the center of cake comes out clean, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool completely on a cooling rack before unmolding. Slice cake into three half-inch layers (only two pieces are required for this recipe). Wrap with plastic wrap and freeze overnight.


For the Mango Mousse 芒果慕絲
Chill mixing bowl and the whisk attachment in the freezer for 10 minutes before you start. Bloom gelatin by mixing it with water and set aside for 5 minutes. Warm mixture in the microwave or sit the bowl in hot water until gelatin is liquefied. Set aside.

With a food processor or blender, process mango pulp, lemon juice and sugar until sugar has dissolved.


Stir some mango mixture into the gelatin mixture. Then pour this back into remaining mango mixture and mix well. Set aside.


In the chilled mixing bowl, beat whipping cream with a hand mixer until thickened and soft peaks form. Fold into the mango mixture with a spatula in two batches until homogeneous.


For the Mirror Glaze 鏡面
Bloom gelatin by mixing it with water. Let stand for 5 minutes. Set aside.

Combine sugar, water and glucose syrup in a saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat. Remove from heat and stir in condensed milk.

Pour over the white chocolate and add in the bloomed gelatin. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir until smooth while taking care not to incorporate air bubbles. Add orange food coloring and mix well. Let cool and use at 90°F/32°C.

To Assemble 組合
Pour half of the mousse into the assembled mold. Spread evenly then press on a frozen cake layer. Fill mold with remaining mousse until almost full. Press on the second frozen cake layer, making sure that the mold has been completely filled. Tap mold on the countertop several times to remove any large air bubbles. Cover and place cake in the freezer overnight.
把一半慕絲倒進已組裝的模中,放上冷凍蛋糕片 ,倒進餘下慕絲至九分滿模後放上另一片冷凍蛋糕片(慕絲必須注滿模具和蛋糕與模間空隙),在枱上敲幾下將大氣泡震出,蓋好放進冰箱冷凍隔夜。


Remove frozen cake from freezer and unmold cake. Invert cake on a rack or a bowl then set it on a tray to catch any drips. Pour warm glaze over the top of the cake in a circular motion until the cake is entirely covered (extra glaze will drip off from the edges to the tray). Use a long offset spatula to swipe across the top to remove excess glaze. Let sit for 10 minutes then clean the edges. Transfer cake to cake board and thaw in fridge for another 6 hours before serving.


The just glazed cake.


I added fondant flowers on top for Mother’s Day pre-celebration.


I added some white to the glaze for this cake. Vanilla cake and matcha cake were used.
這個加了少許白色做成花紋 ,EC用了雲尼拿和抹茶戚風蛋糕各一片。


I used orange, yellow and white for my mirror glaze.

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