How To Make a Monkey Cake Topper

I made a baby shower cake in the beginning of November and here is how I created the monkey cake topper. If you have round and flower cutter sets at home then this will be relatively simple.
這是十一月初時EC為朋友做的baby shower蛋糕,以下是蛋糕上的猴子裝飾做法分享。家中若有圓形及花形切模套裝,要做這個可愛的裝飾便事半功倍。


How To Make a Monkey Cake Topper


What you need

Modeling chocolate (dark brown, light brown and red)
Candy eyeballs (I used Wilton’s candy eyeballs)
Melted chocolate
Round and flower cutter sets
Small rolling pin
Silicon mat



造型朱古力 (深啡色、淺啡色及紅色)
糖果眼球 (EC用Wilton的糖果眼球)


Directions 做法

Knead dark brown and light brown modeling chocolate until paliable. Roll out each to about 1/8 “ thickness.

Cut out various circles with round cutter for the head, face and ears. Further trim the light brown round monkey face with a flower cutter as seen in the picture below. If you don’t have any flower cutter you will need to cut it with a sharp knife. Sizes of the round and flower cutters may be adjusted according to the size of your cake.   Please note that i forgot to include the two smaller light brown circles for the ears in the picture


Glue pieces together with melted chocolate.


Roll a small ball out of dark brown modeling chocolate as the nose and a rope out of red modeling chocolate as the mouth. The hair is made up of three little pieces of dark brown modeling chocolate. If you don’t have any candy eyeballs, use two tiny balls of white modeling chocolate and tiny dots of melted chocolate for the eyes. Attach all pieces together with melted chocolate as in the picture. Let dry.


Glue a lollipop stick on the back of the topper with melted chocolate and let dry. The topper is ready to be inserted into the cake!



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