How To Make a Monkey Cake Topper 猴子蛋糕插牌裝飾做法

I made a baby shower cake in the beginning of November and here is how I created the monkey cake topper. If you have round and flower cutter sets at home then this will be relatively simple. 這是十一月初時EC為朋友做的baby shower蛋糕,以下是蛋糕上的猴子裝飾做法分享。家中若有圓形及花形切模套裝,要做這個可愛的裝飾便事半功倍。 How To Make a Monkey Cake Topper 猴子蛋糕插牌裝飾做法 What you need Modeling chocolate (dark brown, light... Continue Reading →

How To Make Modeling Chocolate 塑形朱古力做法

Modeling chocolate is like an edible clay that is made with chocolate and light corn syrup. Like fondant, it can be used for your cake decorations. I usually make modeling chocolate with Wilton’s candy melts as they come in a variety of colors. There is no need to knead in the color myself (which is... Continue Reading →

How to Make Easy Ribbon Rose with Modeling Chocolate 簡易塑形朱古力玫瑰

If you would like something elegant yet simple to decorate your cakes, here it is... What you need 材料 Modeling chocolate (or fondant) 塑形朱古力 (或糖皮) Directions 做法 Knead modeling chocolate until pliable. Roll out modeling chocolate thinly and cut into a rectangular strip with one end slightly narrower than the other. 搓軟塑形朱古力, 用麵棍將塑形朱古力碌薄, 切長條, 一邊窄一邊闊。 Turn... Continue Reading →

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