How to Make Easy Ribbon Rose with Modeling Chocolate 簡易塑形朱古力玫瑰

If you would like something elegant yet simple to decorate your cakes, here it is…

What you need 材料

Modeling chocolate (or fondant)
塑形朱古力 (或糖皮)

Directions 做法

Knead modeling chocolate until pliable. Roll out modeling chocolate thinly and cut into a rectangular strip with one end slightly narrower than the other.
搓軟塑形朱古力, 用麵棍將塑形朱古力碌薄, 切長條, 一邊窄一邊闊。


Turn and fold it over lengthwise. Do not flatten the top. Start rolling from the narrower end. Make some pleats while rolling along.
底面反轉然後對接, 不要按扁頂部, 從窄的一邊開始圈, 初時圈實些, 漸漸圈鬆。


Shape the rose with your fingers to open up the rose. Cut off the bottom excess part.
用手指整理花形, 切掉下面多出部份。



Let dry on a flower former or a paint palette (available from dollar stores). Alternatively, insert a toothpick at the base of the rose and put it up until it dries. Place on cake once it is dry.
將花放在有弧度的容器內定形(EC用水彩碟, dollar shop有售), 或插上牙簽再插高, 待乾和定形, 乾後可放上蛋糕作装飾。



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    1. 如果係將所有做成同一顏色,我會將色膏預先與粟膠拌匀才加進溶白朱古力內拌勻,若做不同色則先搓好白色造型朱古力,再按需要將色膏搓入, 造型朱古力搓太耐會出油,見溶就要比佢休息一下降溫


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