The Walking Dead Hospital Door Fondant Cake Topper The Walking Dead翻糖裝飾做法

I never watched a single episode of The Walking Dead series until a friend of mine asked me to make a birthday cake for her hubby, who was a fan of this TV series.  After some Goggling I decided to make this cake with a twist of humor.  I actually made a log but unfortunately there wasn’t enough space to tuck it under the door handle.

The cake itself was a two-layer vanilla sponge cake.  The frosting was my favorite vanilla bean latte Swiss meringue buttercream.  Bubble straws were inserted into the cake to evenly distribute the weight of this giant and heavy cake topper.

材料 What you will need

白色糖皮  White fondant
食用色膏 (黑、啡色)  Gel food coloring (black and brown)
銀色珍珠色粉  Silver pearl dust
Lemon extract or vodka
厚咭紙  Thick cardboard
封箱膠紙  Packaging tape
剪刀或小刀  Scissors or knife
畫筆  Paint brush
粗飲管  Bubble tea straws
麵棍  Rolling pin


做法  Directions

Add a tiny amount of black gel coloring to the white fondant to create fondant of light grey and dark grey.

做門: 厚咭紙剪成兩塊6×3吋之長方形, 用膠紙包裹卡紙避免咭紙直接接觸到蛋糕.  以抹手紙沾酒精將表面抹淨消毒後待乾
For the doors, cut two pieces of thick cardboard to about 6 by 3 inches.  Wrap entire cardboard with packaging tape to avoid the cardboard to come into direct contact with the cake.  Sterilize the cardboard by wiping with some alcohol then let dry.

淺灰糖皮壓薄後切成比咭紙大一點的長方形, 在咭紙上抹點水或固體菜油, 包上糖皮, 掃平並收好接口. 淺灰糖皮加少少啡色色膏搓勻成為喪屍皮膚顔色, 搓幼條切段做成八隻手指, 用水黏在門邊.  黑色色膏加水開稀成顔料, 用畫筆沾顔料在門上寫字, 以牙簽沾顔料在手指上畫上指甲. 放乾
Roll out light grey fondant, Grease cardboard pieces lightly with Crisco or water, then cover with fondant.  Smooth top and seams.  Add a bit brown to some of the remaining light grey fondant and mix color to create a zombie color tone.  Roll fondant into a log then make 8 fingers out of it.  Use water to adhere fingers on the doors  For the writing, dilute black gel coloring with water and paint on words using a paint brush.  Dip toothpick into color and draw on nails on the fingers.  Set aside to harden.

深灰糖皮壓薄後切成兩個大長方形做門底踢板、兩個小長方形做門柄底板、四個小長方形做門鉸, 再用刀背在門鉸壓數條橫線.  珍珠色粉加少少 lemon extract 或vodka開匀, 用畫筆塗在裝飾上.  色粉放乾後用水將裝飾貼在門上.  以海綿沾黑色顔料隨意輕輕印在門上
Roll out dark grey fondant thinly then cut two bigger rectangles for the kick plates on the bottom of the doors, two smaller rectangles for the plates underneath the door handles, then four little rectangles for door hinges.  Use the back of a knife to make several lines on the hinges.  Mix pearl dust with lemon extract or vodka to form a mixture.  With a paint brush, apply mixture on the decorations.  Once pearl dust is dry, use water to attach decorations to the door.  Dip a sponge with diluted black coloring and dab color on the door to make it look creepy.

鎖鍊:深灰糖皮搓成幼條切段, 取一段做成小環, 將另一段穿過第一個環後扣上. 如此類推至所需長度, 加入鎖頭(正方形上以刀背劃痕, 搓粗條屈成半圓形做頂). 門柄:深灰糖皮搓成粗條切段屈成C形
所有裝飾塗上步驟4 的珍珠色粉, 放乾
For the chain, roll dark gray fondant into a rope then cut in sections.  Form the first chain by curving it to make a loop. Repeat, only link into the previous link.  Continue building the chain in this manner until the desired length is reached.  Add a pad lock (cut a thick square and mark lines with the back of a knife.  Shape a fondant log into semi-circle then attach it to the top of the square) at the end.  For the door handle, roll dark grey fondant into a log.  Cut two pieces in desired length then form into a C-shape.  Paint chain, pad lock, and door handles with the pearl dust mixture in step 4 then let dry

組合:將六支飲筒插入蛋糕(作用是支撑平均分配門的重量),  外面兩支與蛋糕一樣高度, 中間四支稍高一點, 讓門可以斜斜的放在蛋糕上, 形成開門狀, 在飲筒上抹少量奶油霜後可將門放上.  再將鎖鍊的一端放在門柄底板上, 最後加上門柄.
To assemble, insert 6 bubble tea straws into the cake so the weight of the doors is evenly distributed.  Trim the further two same height as the cake the the middle four a little bit higher so the doors are tilted when placed.  Dab some frosting onto the straws to make the door stick to it.  Place doors on the cake in a way that they are about to open.  Put the chain in place.  Then attach door handles over the chain.

Click here to see where I got my cake topper inspiration from.

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