How To Make Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate is like an edible clay that is made with chocolate and light corn syrup. Like fondant, it can be used for your cake decorations. I usually make modeling chocolate with Wilton’s candy melts as they come in a variety of colors. There is no need to knead in the color myself (which is a messy process). I usually use fondant only to cover my cakes. Other decorations are mostly made with modeling chocolate as it is less stretchy than fondant, making the cutouts stay in shape for easy handling.

You may make modeling chocolate with either artificial chocolate (like Candy Melts) or real chocolate that contains real cocoa butter (like milk, dark and white chocolate). The techniques are the same; however, due to the difference in cocoa butter (or vegetable oils in artificial ones), the amount of corn syrup needed will be different. In general, the chocolate to corn syrup ratios (in weight) I use are as follow:

Dark chocolate 1: 0.5
White chocolate 1: 0.35-0.4
Wilton Candy Melts 1: 0.15-0.2

I am sharing with you today two recipes, one made with Candy Melts (the picture tutorial) and the other with white chocolate (the video tutorial). Please note that the above ratios serve only as a reference because different brands of chocolate may contain a slightly different amount of vegetable oil or cocoa butter. I recommend making a small batch, say 50 g, for the first time before you get the hang of it. If your modeling chocolate is too hard, use more corn syrup next time. If too soft, then use less.

塑形朱古力/朱古力膠是用朱古力加粟膠搓成的朱古力“泥膠”. 與翻糖一樣可作蛋糕上的食用裝飾. EC通常用 Wilton的Candy Melts製作塑形朱古力, 貪其多色可選不用自己加色膏調色(EC最怕調色). 塑形朱古力比翻糖較不易因拉扯而變形, 所以EC一般會以糖皮覆蓋蛋糕, 再以塑形朱古力做其他裝飾.

免調温朱古力(如 Candy Melts)和真朱古力(如黑朱古力、白朱古力和牛奶朱古力)皆可做成塑形朱古力, 做法一樣, 但因可可脂/脂肪成份不同所以粟膠比例亦有所不同. EC慣用的朱古力與粟膠重量比例大約如下:

黑朱古力 1比0.5
白朱古力 1比0.35-0.4
Wilton Candy Melts 或免調温朱古力 1比 0.15-0.2

今天EC會分享兩種塑形朱古力做法, 相片教學是Candy Melts 免調温朱古力 , 影片中則是白朱古力. 請注意不同牌子的朱古力可可脂/脂肪含量可能有少少差別, 因此以上提供的比例僅供大家參考. EC建議初次只試做少量(如50 g). 若塑形朱古力太硬身下次便添加粟膠份量, 太軟則可減少.


Making Modeling Chocolate With Candy Melts 用免調温朱古力(Candy Melts)做塑形朱古力

Ingredients 材料

– Candy Melts 免調温朱古力片 150 g
– Light corn syrup 粟膠 30 g


Directions  做法

Place Candy Melts in a microwave safe bowl and microwave, on medium power and stirring afterwards, in 30 seconds intervals until chocolate is melted. Do not overheat as chocolate may seize or burn.
***Melt chocolate over a pot of simmering water if you don’t have a microwave oven***
將免調温朱古力片放入微波爐碗置微波爐用中火(50%火力)將朱古力叮溶. 每個爐火力不同, EC通常先叮30秒, 取出用膠刮拌匀, 再重覆叮, 再攪, 再叮, 直至朱古力完全溶化. 小心不要叮太耐否則朱古力會燶或分離


Pour corn syrup over the melted chocolate and stir with a spatula until just combined. The mixture will gradually stick together and look sized. Do not overmix or the mixture will separate, leaving you an oily mess. The mixing is typically done within 15 to 20 strokes.
加入粟膠, 用膠刮輕手拌勻, 朱古力質地會改變並漸漸黏在一起成為塑形朱古力, 不要過度攪拌, 否則朱古力會出油和分離, 攪拌過程通常在十五至二十下內完成


Wrap mixture with plastic wrap then flatten it so it can cool quickly. Let cool at room temperature until the mixture is firm around the edges but still soft in the center, about an hour (2 to 3 hours for real chocolate).  Unwrap the modeling chocolate and knead it on a clean work surface or a silicon mat until it is smooth (like Play-Doh). Shape it into a log (mainly for easy handling) and wrap with a new piece of plastic wrap. Let it rest at room temperature overnight or until it firms up again. Store modeling chocolate in ziplock bag or in an airtight container away from heat or sunlight. Knead modeling chocolate until pliable before use.
塑形朱古力用保鮮紙包好後按扁方便降温, 在室温靜置約一小時待朱古力邊緣變硬但中間仍軟 (用真朱古力要兩至三小時).  除掉保鮮紙, 將塑形朱古力放在清潔的工作枱或矽膠墊上揉搓. 搓至軟滑泥膠狀後可搓成柱狀(主要是方便使用)並包上新的保鮮紙, 室温放半日或過夜至硬後可以使用. 塑形朱古力可放入密實袋或盒中在陰涼地方保存, 用前要先搓軟.


Making Modeling Chocolate With White Chocolate 用白朱古力做塑形朱古力

Ingredients 材料

– White chocolate  白朱古力 100 g
– Light corn syrup 粟膠 35 g

For a video demonstration (in Cantonese), check out my videos below




How I use my modeling chocolate:

Tiramisu Charlotte (click here for the simple ribbon rose picture tutorial)
Tiramisu 蛋糕 (簡易玫瑰花圖解做法請到這裏)

Star Wars Light Saber Cupcakes (click here for the cupcake topper tutorial)
星戰激光劍杯子蛋糕 (蛋糕插牌圖解做法請到這裏)
10446192_744639872259246_3580870828237732214_o 10450058_744639842259249_8528817028621223815_o10495985_744639802259253_9101704127385529078_o

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Fondant cake — cake and cake topper covered with fondant. other decorations with modeling chocolate (click here for the cake topper tutorial)
米妮妙妙屋糖皮蛋糕 — 蛋糕及熱氣球用糖皮, 其他用塑形朱古力 (熱氣球圖解做法請到這裏)
wpid-20140804_135554_1_wm.jpg  wpid-20140804_135357_1_wm.jpg  wpid-20140804_135421_1_wm.jpg

References 參考資料

Modeling Chocolate Recipe by Wicked Goodies

Modeling Chocolate questions Answered by Jessica Harris Cake Design

版權所有, 如需引用, 請註明出處 If you want to republish this recipe, please link back to this post.


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