Baking Tips: Understanding Oven Accuracy 了解爐温準確性

工欲善其事必先利其器, 今天的分享是烘焙的基本功 — 了解你的焗爐.  每個焗爐的火力及大小都不同, 有温差是在所難免的.  有些焗爐脾性剛烈, 很快把蛋糕面焗燶, 但內部亦是未熟的.  這是由於實際爐温比調校的高.  有些過於温柔的焗爐, 你要花五十分鐘才焗好一個明明食譜寫只雖焗三十分鐘的蛋糕!  只要清楚了解自己焗爐的温差, 你便能自己調整爐温, 所以 EC推介大家買一個焗爐專用的温度計, 定期為焗爐“探熱”,  以確保爐温準確.  至於怎樣測温及調整焗爐温度, 大家看看以下短片便會清楚明白了!

注意: 焗爐越大預熱時間亦越長,  EC的小型多士焗爐只需要預熱五分鐘, 另一個連煮食爐的大型焗爐則需要預熱二十分鐘才到達所需温度.

It is essential to ensure that your oven is performing accurately.  Ovens vary in sizes and powers so it is inevitable for them to behave differently.  Some ovens are so hot that they burn your cakes even before the inside is thoroughly cooked.  This is because your oven is hotter than indicated.   On the other hand, it may take 50 minutes for some other ovens to bake a cake that says “bake for 30 minutes” in a recipe.  If you learn about this temperature difference, you may adjust your own oven temperature accordingly for every recipe.  I encourage you to purchase an oven thermometer to test your oven temperature.  Perform a test on a regular basis so that accurate temperature is always maintained.  For how to test your oven temperature and adjust it accordingly, please see the following video (in Cantonese).

Note:  the bigger the oven, the longer time it takes to preheat.  My countertop toaster oven takes only 5 minutes to preheat.  My other bigger oven that comes with a stove takes about 20 minutes of preheat time.

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