Green Tea and White Chocolate Mousse Cake with Red Bean Filling 綠茶白朱古力慕絲蛋糕(紅豆餡)

I made this mousse cake for my friend’s dad last week. This green tea mousse is the only mousse cake that contains raw egg yolks. The yolks make the green tea mousse richer in taste. For the sake of health, I always heat the yolk mixture to the egg safe temperature. I have made another … Continue reading Green Tea and White Chocolate Mousse Cake with Red Bean Filling 綠茶白朱古力慕絲蛋糕(紅豆餡)

Basic Vanilla Cake 雲尼拿蛋糕

This is another basic cake recipe that I use for fondant decorated cakes. Like my one bowl chocolate cake and yellow cake, this cake is firm enough to withstand the weight of fondant yet soft and fluffy in texture. My inspiration came from Cake Boss but just like my yellow cake, I've switched to the reverse … Continue reading Basic Vanilla Cake 雲尼拿蛋糕

Durian Mousse Cake 榴槤慕絲蛋糕

This is the second cake I made for our prenatal class gathering last week (the other one was a graduation cake). Not everyone liked durian so in order not to contaminate my friend’s fridge,  the cake container was wrapped in two big plastic bags when I brought this exotic treat over. Fresh durian is expensive in Toronto so … Continue reading Durian Mousse Cake 榴槤慕絲蛋糕

One Bowl Chocolate Cake 簡易朱古力蛋糕

This is the kind of chocolate cake that I have been using for my fondant and buttercream cakes. The recipe is adapted from the famous Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake, which first appeared in the back of Hershey's cocoa powder tin. Like many other bakers, I’ve made it with a spin. I have added a … Continue reading One Bowl Chocolate Cake 簡易朱古力蛋糕

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake 朱古力香蕉戚風蛋糕

My elder daughter loves to eat her toasts with Nutella and banana slices. Nutella, though delicious, contains too much sugar. I’ve decided to make her something that is less sweet and this is it! I tried playing with my vanilla chiffon cake recipe by adding mashed banana and cocoa powder to it. Since ripe banana … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake 朱古力香蕉戚風蛋糕

Coconut Cake with Mango and Chocolate Crunch 椰香芒果脆脆蛋糕

Mango is my hubby’s favorite fruit. His birthday cakes have almost always been mango cakes ever since I started my baking journey. His cake this year consisted of three layers of coconut chiffon cake with a chocolate crunch layer and fresh mango cubes sandwiched in between them. The outside was wrapped with thinly sliced mangoes. … Continue reading Coconut Cake with Mango and Chocolate Crunch 椰香芒果脆脆蛋糕

Flourless Chocolate Cake 無麵粉朱古力蛋糕

Among the several flourless chocolate cake recipes I’ve tried, David Lebovitz’s Racines Cake is the winner. The inspiration of his cake came from a chocolate cake recipe he found on the men’s washroom wall at the Parisian restaurant Racines (he tells about his story here). The cake is as fudgy as a brownie yet has … Continue reading Flourless Chocolate Cake 無麵粉朱古力蛋糕

Dark Chocolate Mousse Dome with Lacquer Glaze 黑朱古力慕絲半球鏡面蛋糕

This post is all about the chocolate mousse recipe I have recently fallen in love with. There is no raw eggs, gelatin, and additional sugar added to the mousse (click here for another rich chocolate mousse recipe containing eggs). Simple ingredients. Awesome flavor. This recipe originated from the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake (from Cook’s Illustrated) … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Mousse Dome with Lacquer Glaze 黑朱古力慕絲半球鏡面蛋糕