Ganache-Filled & Nut-Filled Chocolates 自製軟心及果仁朱古力

Chocolate making is not too hard at all. If you are a beginner, it can be done with a chocolate mold along with some good quality compound chocolates. If you want to get fancy, go get some real chocolate or even couverture chocolate and temper it yourself with the help of a digital thermometer. Couverture … Continue reading Ganache-Filled & Nut-Filled Chocolates 自製軟心及果仁朱古力

Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

Candy making is so much fun. It may seem intimidating but all you need is to pay attention to the temperature, which can be easily done if you own a candy or digital thermometer. This chocolate almond buttercrunch is delicious. The crunchy toffee is mixed with almond pieces and then covered with a layer of chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

More Homemade Gummies (Yakult, Orange and Fruit Flavors) 益力多、橙汁、果味軟糖

We had a fellowship cell group gathering at my house last Saturday. My elder daughter and I made some homemade gummy candies for our little guests. We made blackcurrant, strawberry and berry gummies with jelly powder as well as gummies with orange juice and their probiotic drinks (Yakult). The ones made with jelly powder were … Continue reading More Homemade Gummies (Yakult, Orange and Fruit Flavors) 益力多、橙汁、果味軟糖

Sugar-Free Cola Gummies 無糖可樂軟糖

My friend Erica has shared with me her Cola gummies recipe last week. I have tweaked this and turned them into sugar free gummies. Some people say that sugar free cola doesn’t taste as great as the “real” one. However, for people who are concerned about sugar intake or are diabetic, these gummies will definitely … Continue reading Sugar-Free Cola Gummies 無糖可樂軟糖

Handmade Dark Chocolate Truffles (Non-alcoholic) 香橙松露朱古力 — 無酒配方

***This is my old post from my Facebook page back in September from last year. I haven't created my own personal blog at that time. As Valentines Day is approaching, I think it would be great to share my updated version here. Wish everyone a happy Valentines Day!*** If you are looking for an unique gift … Continue reading Handmade Dark Chocolate Truffles (Non-alcoholic) 香橙松露朱古力 — 無酒配方