Handmade Dark Chocolate Truffles (Non-alcoholic) 香橙松露朱古力 — 無酒配方

***This is my old post from my Facebook page back in September from last year. I haven’t created my own personal blog at that time. As Valentines Day is approaching, I think it would be great to share my updated version here. Wish everyone a happy Valentines Day!***

If you are looking for an unique gift for friends on a special occasion, why not surprise them with chocolate truffles that are made with your own two hands? Truffles! Those treats that are smooth, silky, and melt-in-your-mouth! Those that are usually sold in high end chocolate stores at an unreasonably high price! But do you know that they are actually quite simple and fun to make? Well…yes, fun, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and full of chocolate smell… To make truffles, all you need is to create a ganache by combining chocolate, whipping cream (and sometimes butter for a smoother mouthfeel), stir in optional flavorings like extracts, tea leaves, coffee powder or liquor, pop it into the fridge to let it firm up, shape it into balls, then roll the balls in different garnishes or dip them in tempered chocolate. It’s just that easy so let’s get started!

My basic truffles formula is “1-2-10”, which translates to one part whipping cream, two parts dark chocolate, and unsalted butter that is 10% of the chocolate by weight. For instance, 75g whipping cream, 150g dark chocolate, 15g unsalted butter or 5 oz. whipping cream, 10 oz. dark chocolate,1 oz unsalted butter. Once you remember this formula, you may make truffles in any quantity you wish. I usually exclude liqueur in my desserts as I have two young kids as my loyal customers. You may replace orange oil with Cointreau (but you will need more) for this recipe if you prefer. Just add and taste until you are happy with the flavor.


若想給朋友準備一份特别的禮物, 為什麼不給他送上自己親手製作的松露朱古力呢?松露朱古力質地柔軟、香濃幼滑、入口即溶,一般只在高級朱古力店有售,價格更不便宜。但你知道,只要自己不怕被朱古力弄污一雙玉手,它其實是很容易做的嗎?松露朱古力是甘納許(ganache)的一種,最普遍的製法,就是混合朱古力與淡忌廉(有時會加入牛油增加幼滑口感),加味(如香油、酒、咖啡粉、茶葉等),雪硬後搓成小球再沾上裝飾或用己調温的朱古力覆蓋。很簡單吧,我們開始喔~



Non-alcoholic Orange Dark Chocolate Truffles
香橙松露朱古力 — 無酒配方


For Truffles:
227 g/0.5 lbs good quality dark chocolate, chopped (I use 58%
couverture chocolate)
113 g whipping cream
23 g unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
1 tsp orange oil

For coating:
Unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered sugar, shredded coconut, shaved chocolate, etc


優質黑朱古力(切細,EC用58%調溫朱古力) 227克/半磅
淡忌廉 113克
淡牛油 (切細) 23克
橙油 1茶匙


Notes 註:
Try using the best dark chocolate you can afford. Premium chocolate gives the best taste. I use Lindt Piccoli bittersweet couverture chocolate.
由於松露朱古力的主要成份是朱古力,所以朱古力的品質直接決定了成品的味道。EC會建議大家使用能力範圍負擔得起的優質朱古力,EC用Lindt Piccoli 苦甜調温朱古力。

Directions 做法

Weigh your ingredients, chop chocolate (if using the block type) and cut butter into small pieces and set aside.


In a microwave-safe bowl, microwave whipping cream on high until it begins to bubble, about 30 to 40 seconds. Pour hot cream over chocolate pieces and let stand for 2 minutes until chocolate is melted.


With a rubber spatula, gently stir cream and chocolate together in small circles. Begin at the center and work your way out in larger concentric circles. If you see chunks of chocolate, microwave the mixture on medium power in 10 second intervals then mix until chocolate is completely melted.


When mixture is smooth, stir in butter until shiny and smooth. Then stir in orange oil and mix well. This chocolate mixture is called a ganache. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate until it is somewhat firm and scoopable, 2 to 3 hours.


With a small ice-cream scoop or two spoons, spoon mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Roll mixture quickly into balls. Return truffles to the fridge again for 10 more minutes to let them firm up if they become too soft after you finish rolling. It is crucial to shape mixture when it is at the right consistency. Pop it back to the fridge for 10 minutes if it is too sticky and let it sit in room temperature for 5 minutes if it is too hard to shape. It takes me several times to shape the balls perfectly round as they will melt in your hand when you roll them. To avoid chocolate melting too fast, wash your hands with cold water and pat dry before operating. I don’t recommend coating hands in cocoa powder prior to rolling chocolate as adding too much cocoa powder will interfere with the chocolate’s genuine taste. I’d rather wash my hands more often and transfer chocolate in and out from the fridge.

wpid-image_11_wm.jpg wpid-image_7_wm.jpg

Place coatings (sifted cocoa powder, powdered sugar, toasted nuts, shredded coconut, and etc) in shallow plates or bowls. Roll truffle in your hands for a few seconds to soften it, then roll it in coating. Keep truffles in an airtight container and store them in the fridge. Let stand at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.  Makes about 22 truffles.


六款不同裝飾的手作松露朱古力(上至下) :無糖可可粉、白朱古力碎、好立克粉、糖粉、旺旺雪餅碎、烤香腰果碎
Dark chocolate truffles in six different coatings (from top to bottom): unsweetened cocoa powder, shaved white chocolate, Horlicks powder, powdered sugar, crushed rice crackers, roasted cashew pieces.


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