Piped Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 朱古力唧花牛油酥餅

Piped shortbread cookies are my family’s all-time-favourite but they are a nightmare for me to make. Women’s wrists (or is it just mine???) are simply not strong enough for the piping job, especially during the winter. In my experience, at cool room temperature, the cookie dough is usually too firm for piping. My wrists would... Continue Reading →

Sugar-Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffins 無糖雙重朱古力粒鬆餅

Here’s another sugar-free muffins recipe that I came up with recently after making my Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Muffins. I used sugar-free chocolate chips as well as two types of Lakanto sweeteners for this recipe. I wanted to reduce refined sugar intake so I used a mixture of brown sugar and Lakanto last time. This... Continue Reading →

Joconde Imprime with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake Entremet 法式甜品:朱古力慕絲配士多啤梨乳酪芝士蛋糕

I made this cake for my Aunt for her birthday. My cousin who came from Hong Kong loves chocolate.so I used chocolate as the main ingredient and paired it up with a layer of strawberry yogurt cheesecake . 這是EC做給姑媽的生日蛋糕,愛吃朱古力的表妹從香港回來探望家人,因此EC選了朱古力作主材料,再以一層士多啤梨乳酪芝士蛋糕作配搭。 Do use high quality chocolate (such as couverture chocolate) if you can afford it. My chocolate... Continue Reading →

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