Double Chocolate Brownies 雙重朱古力布朗尼

I bought a Wilton pops pan at a clearance price of CAD$5 yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it. So today, I tested it with this bite-sized brownies. This is an easy recipe where you can get your kids involved. I only mixed my batter with a bowl and a whisk so older kids... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Mixed Berry Tartlets 朱古力什莓撻

These were something I baked in June but I never had a chance to blog about it. My reader U asked me if I have any tart recipe to share. So I flipped over my trust-worthy book The Art and Soul of Baking and found her this vanilla shortcrust dough. I tried making the shells... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Delight 朱古力五重奏

I made this for my Aunt-in-law for her birthday. The preparation of this cake was mostly identical to the joconde imprime entremets I’ve made before. This time I used a different kind of sponge cake to wrap around my dessert. So technically speaking, this was no longer a joconde imprime entremet anymore. The tang mian... Continue Reading →

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