Chocolate Delight 朱古力五重奏

I made this for my Aunt-in-law for her birthday. The preparation of this cake was mostly identical to the joconde imprime entremets I’ve made before. This time I used a different kind of sponge cake to wrap around my dessert. So technically speaking, this was no longer a joconde imprime entremet anymore. The tang mian … Continue reading Chocolate Delight 朱古力五重奏

Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

Candy making is so much fun. It may seem intimidating but all you need is to pay attention to the temperature, which can be easily done if you own a candy or digital thermometer. This chocolate almond buttercrunch is delicious. The crunchy toffee is mixed with almond pieces and then covered with a layer of chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins 香蕉朱古力粒鬆餅

Muffins are super easy to prepare. All you need is two bowls and a spatula. Whenever I have ripe bananas that nobody in my family likes to eat, I would turn them into muffins or cakes (such as chocolate banana chiffon cake). Banana cakes usually develop more flavor the next day. So if you can … Continue reading Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins 香蕉朱古力粒鬆餅

Low Sugar Double Chocolate Muffins 代糖特濃朱古力粒鬆餅

This is a healthier version of my chocolate muffins which are made with sugar substitutes. The brand I use (Splenda Brown Sugar Blend) is part sweetener and part real brown sugar. According to the package, only half as much is needed to replace the brown sugar in any recipes. I’ve also used a mixture of … Continue reading Low Sugar Double Chocolate Muffins 代糖特濃朱古力粒鬆餅

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes 簡易朱古力杯子蛋糕

I finally have the time to transfer my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe to my blog! This recipe was originally posted to my Facebook page EC Bakes (formerly EC Treats) in September from last year. I have been making these cupcakes for almost two years and I still haven’t found any other recipe better than this … Continue reading Easy Chocolate Cupcakes 簡易朱古力杯子蛋糕

Baked Double Chocolate Doughnuts 焗雙重朱古力甜甜圈

I finally tried making my own doughnuts! Doughnuts are traditionally deep-fried and need proofing, which is a lengthy process for me. The ones I made are "cake doughnuts" which use the muffin mixing method and are baked in the oven. It is definitely more time-saving, less messy and a lot healthier (and of course the … Continue reading Baked Double Chocolate Doughnuts 焗雙重朱古力甜甜圈

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Thumbprints with Sea Salt 海鹽花生醬朱古力曲奇

Are you a fan of peanut butter? I am. I love peanut butter so much that, when I was a kid, I used to grab the jar and eat it with a spoon (I hope my mom is not reading this right now)! I bought two big tubs of peanut butter when they were on … Continue reading Peanut Butter & Chocolate Thumbprints with Sea Salt 海鹽花生醬朱古力曲奇

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake 朱古力香蕉戚風蛋糕

My elder daughter loves to eat her toasts with Nutella and banana slices. Nutella, though delicious, contains too much sugar. I’ve decided to make her something that is less sweet and this is it! I tried playing with my vanilla chiffon cake recipe by adding mashed banana and cocoa powder to it. Since ripe banana … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake 朱古力香蕉戚風蛋糕

Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Crunchy) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆脆口感)

For me there are four no-no's when it comes to making delicious,  crunchy cookies that will hold their shapes after baking. 1.  No baking powder or soda.  These are chemical leavening agents which will cause your cookies to puff up and rise. 2.  Do not beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Air bubbles … Continue reading Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Crunchy) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆脆口感)