Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup 無糖黑芝麻糊

I finally bought a high speed heating blender!!! My eyes have been on this for so long and I eventually bought it for hubby’s birthday (ya for HIS birthday and HE PAID for it lol). After unboxing I immediately looked for recipes online and I followed this Chinese recipe to make some black sesame soup the same night. The sweet soup was easy to make and tasted great. My father said it was a bit too thick to his liking and my husband asked me to add less sugar next time. A friend of mine said white rice would work too and suggested that soaking the rice before use would be better. So I adjusted the recipe on my following attempt and sweetened it with Lakanto which is a natural sugar substitute. I have never made black sesame soup before as my old blender wasn’t powerful enough. I really like how easy it is when my new blender could do all the blending and cooking jobs for me. All I need to do is to add the prepared ingredients in the pitcher, press a button and then things will be ready to serve in a moment. The texture of my black sesame soup was silky smooth and no straining was required. My husband was so content with his birthday present (or at least he was forced to feel so). I couldn’t wait to try more things with this new toy. If you have more good recipes to share don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

According to the food packages, there’s 1 g net carbohydrates for every 30 g of black sesame seeds and 80 g net carbs for every 100 g of uncooked rice. So the sweet soup would contain roughly 6 g + 48 g = 54 g net carbs for the entire batch. It makes about 7 bowls so each serving contains 7.7 g net carbs. Please bear this in mind if you are counting your carbohydrates. If you would like to complement this sweet soup with sticky rice balls that are also sugar-free, feel free to visit my blog post, Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls (Sugar Free).

Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup

Makes 7 bowls

200 g roasted black sesame seeds
60 g uncooked rice
1000 – 1100 ml water
70 g Lakanto monk fruit sweetener, or adjust to taste

炒熟黑芝麻 200克
白米 60克
水 1000至1100毫升
Lakanto羅漢果天然代糖 70克(可自行控制甜度)

Directions 做法

Rinse rice under running water. If time permits then add enough water to cover the rice and soak for 1 hour at room temperature. Drain well.

In a non-stick skillet over medium to medium-low heat, toast sesame seeds in a thin layer with constant stirring for 4 to 5 minutes to release the fragrance. If raw sesame seeds are used, rinse and drain well then cook first with high heat until water evaporates. Reduce to low and cook with constant stirring until the seeds are sizzling and fragrant. Properly roasted seeds will shatter easily when pressed with fingers. Be careful not to scorch the seeds.
將炒熟黑芝麻放入不沾鑊中 , 用中至中慢火不斷翻炒至發香,4至5分鐘左右。若使用生的黑芝麻可沖洗乾淨瀝乾水後放入不沾鑊中,先用大火把水分炒乾,再轉小火不斷翻炒,直到黑芝麻變熟發出支支聲和香氣,炒熟的黑芝麻用手指一捏即碎,同時小心不要炒燶。

Place drained rice, toasted sesame seeds and water into the pitcher of the high speed heating blender. Secure the lid to the pitcher then place it on the base. Turn on the blender and use the rice milk function to cook the black sesame soup.

When the program ends, carefully open the lid and use a scraper to scrape down any black sesame seeds that cling to the wall of the pitcher. Add in the sweetener, secure the lid then pulse for 20 seconds. Carefully remove the lid, pour into bowls and serve.

For blenders without heating function, blend drained rice, toasted black sesame seeds and water until mixture is very smooth and strain mixture if needed. Transfer mixture to a pot and bring to boil then simmer with constant stirring until desired consistency. Add sweeter to taste.

Lakanto monk fruit sweetener.

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