Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup 無糖黑芝麻糊

I finally bought a high speed heating blender!!! My eyes have been on this for so long and I eventually bought it for hubby’s birthday (ya for HIS birthday and HE PAID for it lol). After unboxing I immediately looked for recipes online and I followed this Chinese recipe to make some black sesame soup … Continue reading Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup 無糖黑芝麻糊

Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream 無糖朱古力雪糕

This was my first time making sugar-free ice cream and I prepared the base on New Year’s Eve, hoping it to be my first treat for the new year. It was a total failure as my ice cream was as hard as an ice brick. I had to flip the entire thing out on a … Continue reading Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream 無糖朱古力雪糕