Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream 無糖朱古力雪糕

This was my first time making sugar-free ice cream and I prepared the base on New Year’s Eve, hoping it to be my first treat for the new year. It was a total failure as my ice cream was as hard as an ice brick. I had to flip the entire thing out on a plate and literally chop it into sections in order to consume it (the taste was great though). I followed the Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream recipe from the book Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. When made with granulated sugar (I used only half the amount though) and light corn syrup it was the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. So why would I fail when I switched to natural sweeteners? I was bummed (and come on that was the first day of the new year!!!). After some Googling I realized that ice cream doesn’t work with erythritol, which is the main ingredient in Lakanto and that allulose would be a better choice. I ordered a few packs of allulose online and tried again and, boom, out came the best sugar-free ice cream that was rich, creamy, smooth and super chocolatey. The cost of this sugar-free ice cream was relatively high, about CAD$12 for a 1.5L container, but I was thrilled that I could handcraft my own sugar-free ice cream from scratch. The original recipe contains more sugar and is a bit on the sweet side for Asian taste. I’ve tweaked the recipe and replaced the sugar, light corn syrup and dark chocolate with allulose, oligo-syrup and unsweetened chocolate respectively. And I’ve converted the cup measurements into metric system. The instructions are modified and written in my own words. If you are looking for sugar-free ice cream, I urge you to try this recipe.
這是EC第一次做無糖雪糕,在除夕夜預備好雪糕液,一心打算第二天便可做成雪糕作為新年第一道甜點。可惜事與願違,雪糕竟然變了冰磚完全不能挖出,最終EC要把雪糕整桶倒出在碟子上再用刀劈(是劈不是切呀)才能品嚐得到。雪糕(用雪條形容會較貼切)味道是很好的,但EC心中實在不忿氣。這個在Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home書中的The Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream 配方,用砂糖(EC只用一半糖量)做時明明就是最香濃軟滑的手工雪糕,為什麼改成無糖版本後會弄得如斯下場呢?新一年首天就失敗,這實在令EC鬱鬱不得志呀!後來在網上搜尋下了解到赤藻糖醇是做不到雪糕的(EC用的羅漢果糖是赤藻糖醇和羅漢果萃取物混合而成的天然代糖),稀少糖才會做到雪糕的質地,於是便急不及待地在網上訂購了幾包稀少糖來試試。轉了材料再做一次, 罪魁禍首真是羅漢果糖呢!稀少糖做的雪糕跟一般的無異,質地順滑朱古力味又濃郁。 雖然成本很貴,做一桶1.5公升家庭裝雪糕成本需要大約加幣十二元,但能自己做到好吃的無糖雪糕真的很興奮呢!原配方的糖量頗多不適合亞洲人口味,EC的無糖版本使用了稀少糖、低聚糖漿和純朱古力代替原食譜中的砂糖、粟膠和黑朱古力,份量改成了公制單位,做法也是根據自己的做法重新編寫,大家想做無糖雪糕的話真的要一試。

Why add syrup in the recipe, you may ask. Is that a must? Well, beside adding sweetness, sugar (granular and syrup) lowers the freezing point of water so the ice cream would stay soft in the frozen state. Syrup such as glucose, light corn syrup or oligo-syrup that I used in my recipe makes the ice cream base thicker and results in a smoother and better texture. Light corn syrup and oligo-syrup are also a lot less sweet than table sugar so including them in your ice cream recipe helps maintain the softness of ice cream without overwhelming it with sweetness. I’ve (sort of) discussed the relatively sweetness of different types of sugar in my blog post Nougat with Nuts so feel free to take a look. The sugar-free syrup I used is a Korean brand and is called oligo-syrup or oligosaccharide syrup which comes into two different bottle sizes. It won’t cause a spike in the blood sugar as it won’t be absorbed in the intestine. I don’t understand Korean so I always make sure the word “oligo” is on the label before purchasing or else it is just a regular Korean corn syrup. Initially I used this syrup for my coffee but later I also discovered that this syrup was also good for making sugar-free candy, mooncake filling and mooncake dough. For more recipes, visit my other blog posts such as Sugar-Free Matcha Nougat with Almonds, Sugar-Free Snowflake Nougat, Sugar-Free Matcha Red Bean Nerikiri Mooncakes (Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free), Sugar-Free Sweet Red Bean Paste and Sugar-Free White Bean Paste.
看到配方後大家也許會問:為什麼要用糖漿呢?不加可以麼?其實糖–不論是砂糖或糖漿–除了提供甜味之外亦可令水份不易結冰,雪糕在冷凍狀態下仍保持軟滑的口感,而糖漿可樣雪糕液更濃稠繼而令雪糕口感更順滑。糖漿中以粟膠和EC在此使用的無糖低聚糖漿甜度最低,因此有着不增甜同時能增加雪糕柔軟和順滑度的強大優勢。EC在果仁牛軋糖也淺談過糖和糖漿的關係,有興趣的也可去回顧一下。配方使用的是韓國的低聚糖漿,此糖漿不會被腸道吸收因此不會影響血糖。EC不諳韓文但每次購買前必會認清楚標籤上印有“oligo” 或”oligosaccharide”等字樣,否則恐怕只是普通含糖的韓國粟膠。低聚糖漿有大瓶也有小瓶的,EC初時用來加在咖啡中,後來則發展到用來做無糖的糖果、月餅皮和月餅餡,詳細食譜可參考無糖抹茶杏仁牛軋糖無糖雪花酥無糖抹茶紅豆日式練切月餅(無蛋,無奶製品,無麩質,無果仁)無糖廣式豆沙餡無糖白豆沙餡等網誌。

Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Makes about 1.5L


10 g cornstarch
320 ml whole milk
3 oz (85 g) unsweetened chocolate
360 ml whipping cream
320 ml evaporated milk
60 ml (about 80 g) oligo-syrup
100 g allulose
25 g unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt


粟粉 10克
全脂牛奶 320毫升
純朱古力 3安士 (85克)
淡忌廉 360毫升
花奶 320毫升
低聚糖漿 60毫升 (80克)
稀少糖 100克
無糖可可粉 25克
鹽 1/4茶匙

Directions 做法

Chill the freezer bowl of the ice cream maker attachment in the freezer for at least 18 hours the day prior to making ice cream.

In a small bowl mix cornstarch and two tablespoons of milk until smooth. Chop the chocolate into chunks and place in a large mixing bowl. Set aside.

In a large pot, stir together the remaining milk, whipping cream, evaporated milk, allulose and oligo-syrup. Cook over medium heat until steaming then stir in cocoa powder and mix until smooth and until mixture comes to the boil. Continue boiling for 4 minutes, paying close attention so the mixture won’t boil over.

Remove from heat. Give the cornstarch mixture a quick stir then add to the milk mixture. Return to heat and bring mixture to a boil and cook, with constant stirring, for one more minute until slightly thickened. Remove from heat.

Pour one third of the hot milk mixture into the bowl of chocolate. Let stand for one minute then stir until the chocolate is melted. Add remaining milk mixture (in two batches) and salt and stir until incorporated. Strain mixture to get rid of any lumps if needed.

Press a plastic wrap directly against the surface of the mixture to prevent condensation and a skin from forming. Submerge the pot in cold water and let cool to room temperature, about 30 minutes. Transfer pot to the refrigerator and chill overnight.

Add the ice cream maker attachment freezer bowl to the stand mixer and attach the dasher. Switch on with lowest speed then slowly pour the thoroughly chilled ice cream mixture into the bowl. Churn about 25-30 minutes using the ice cream maker attachment (or according to the instruction manual) until volume has increased and mixture resembles soft serve ice cream.

Carefully scrape the ice cream into the storage container. Cover with an airtight lid and freeze overnight until firm.

Oligo syrup could be purchased from Korean grocery stores such as H-mart and Galleria.

If you want to republish this recipe, please link back to this post.

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