Sugar-Free Chinese Custard Filling 無糖奶黃餡

I’m sharing with you my sugar-free version of Chinese custard filling that I used for my sugar-free custard mooncakes I made this year (recipe to be followed). Here in the recipe, granulated sugar is replaced with a natural sweetener that is a blend of monk fruit and erythritol. The result was pretty good. There was no funny taste or any noticeable cooling sensation or aftertaste. I am hoping to create more sugar-free treats with this filling in the near future so please stay tuned.

The traditional way of preparing Chinese custard filling typically begins with bringing all ingredients to room temperature and some people even mix it by hand. But with this fast paced and modern lifestyle, who would have that patience and time (at least I know I don’t)? A lot of us already own fancy kitchen gadgets at home so why don’t we make good use of them and simplify the lengthy process? Stand mixers, food processors and blenders are all powerful enough to blend things really well even when COLD ingredients are used. Yes, ingredients such as butter, egg, evaporated milk and coconut milk can be taken out from the fridge and used right away. If you have these small appliances at home then stop mixing by hand with a spatula and go ahead and use them! I’ve tried dumping everything into the blender cup all at once, blending everything together until smooth, and then cooking the mixture by steaming. It worked beautifully; however, I prefer mixing all dry ingredients with cold butter first and then followed by a gradual addition of remaining liquids. Mixing in such a way has greatly reduced the chances of the butter separating from the mixture during steaming. It is also okay if the mixture is a bit lumpy before cooking. I found that it is not necessary to sieve the mixture as the filling has to be kneaded after cooking anyways. The kneading process effectively breaks up any lumps, resulting in a smooth and silky filling. Therefore the straining, to me, is totally redundant (hope people who insist on straining the mixture before cooking won’t be mad at me).
傳統的奶黃餡製作 一般以“將所有材料回溫” 為開始,有些甚至是全人手製作。但現代人生活節奏忙碌做事又講求效率,當然什麼也想速戰速決吧(至少這是EC的想法)。既然家中有這麼多實用的廚房小家電,為什麼不將程序簡化呢?廚師機,食物處理器和攪拌機皆可有效地攪拌材料,牛油,花奶,雞蛋,椰漿等材料不用回溫可以直接從雪櫃取出使用。家中有這些電器的就不要再用膠刮慢慢的把材料逐樣加入拌勻了!EC試過用攪拌機做奶皇餡,基本上把所有材料丢進去打滑再蒸熟便行了,可是EC發現若首先把凍牛油與所有粉類混合才加入餘下液體材料更能避免餡料在蒸煮過程中出現油水分離的狀況。此外,EC認為倘若混合物有顆粒並不順滑也是可以的,不用特別花時間去過篩一次。畢竟奶黃餡蒸熟放涼後仍然需要搓至軟滑才使用的,混合物有顆粒的話都會在揉搓過程中被打散,因此之前的過篩工夫便有多此一舉之嫌(這樣說會得罪其他提議材料要過篩的人嗎?)

I hope you find my innovative method efficient and time-saving. Happy belated mid autumn festival!

Sugar-Free Chinese Custard Filling

Yields about 330 g


20 g custard powder
20 g all purpose flour
20 g milk powder
55 g monk fruit natural sweetener with erythritol (such as Lakanto and Krisda)
A pinch of salt
50 g unsalted butter, cold and cubed
35 g beaten egg
30 g evaporated milk
60 g coconut cream
3 salted egg yolks (about 45 g), steamed and crushed


吉士粉 20克
中筋麵粉 20克
奶粉 20克
羅漢果加赤藻糖醇天然代糖(如Lakanto,Krisda等) 55克
鹽 少許
無鹽牛油(凍及切大塊) 50克
全蛋液 35克
花奶 30克
椰漿 60克
鹹蛋黃(已蒸熟和壓碎) 3隻(約45克)

Directions 做法

In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk together the dry ingredients. Add butter and mix with low speed until mixture resembles wet sand.

Gradually beat in the wet ingredients until combined. The mixture would be paste-like initially but become more liquidy while more liquids are added. It is not necessary to strain the mixture if it is not perfectly smooth at this stage.

Scrape mixture into a shallow plate. Cover with aluminum foil and steam with medium-high heat for 10 to 15 minutes or until mixture coagulates. For bigger portion such as a double or triple batch, scrape the sides of the plate and push the coagulated mixture towards the center halfway during the steaming process.
把混合物倒進蒸碟,蓋上錫紙中大火蒸10至15分鐘或直至凝固, 有需要(如做雙倍甚至三倍份量時)可於中途取出攪拌一下,把邊沿已凝固的餡料往中央推才繼續蒸。

Remove from heat and loosen the mixture with a spatula. Mix well then transfer mixture into a bowl. Press a piece of plastic wrap against the mixture to prevent a skin from forming. Let cool then refrigerate until firm.

Put on disposable gloves and knead mixture for a few minutes until soft and pliable. Mix in crushed salted egg yolk until evenly distributed. Keep refrigerated and use within one week.

I bought this natural sweetener during our family trip to Tokyo in the summer.

If you want to republish this recipe, please link back to this post.

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