Chocolate Twist Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) 湯種朱古力扭紋頂角吐司

I bought a jar of dark chocolate spread from Lindt store last month, planning to spread it on my bread for breakfast. Then I thought, hm… why don’t I make bread out of it? So out came my chocolate twist bread the next day. Lindt chocolate spread has a very silky smooth texture and tastes really good. It’s quite expensive though ($7.99 for a little 200g jar) so I didn’t put too much on my bread dough. I got chocolate all over my fingers and on the silicon mat during shaping. Despite the messy process, it was pretty fun and the outcome was awesome. The slicing part was full of surprises too as each slice of bread looked unique.
EC上月在Lindt專門店購買了一瓶黑朱古力醬準備塗麵包吃,後來想到倒不如用來做麵包吧, 於是第二天便坐言起行做了扭紋麵包。Lindt的朱古力醬朱古力味香濃,口感十分幼滑,然而價格有點貴,一小瓶200克盛惠加幣$7.99,因此做麵包時也珍而重之的沒有放太多。 麵糰造型時朱古力醬沾滿手指和矽膠墊,過程縱然狼狽非常卻很好玩,麵包焗好後效果也不錯,切片時每塊麵包均呈現不同紋理,實在非常特別。

I made this bread with reference to How to Make Breads Bakery’s Nutella Babka at Home by Eater and Chelsea Loaf by Anna Olson. I have adapted their ideas and added chocolate spread to my basic Tangzhong bread dough (read about my blog post, Hokkaido Milk Pain de Mie, for more information). I made slight adjustment by using more milk powder and decreasing the amount of sugar as the chocolate spread is already sweet enough.
麵包造型參考Eater的榛子朱古力醬麵包Anna Olson的乾果扭紋麵包。EC仿照其技巧將朱古力醬加入基本湯種麵糰內(詳細食譜請參考湯種北海道牛奶頂角吐司),並適量的增多了奶粉份量。而朱古力醬已含糖,因此麵糰的糖量也減少。

Chocolate Twist Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method)

For 9”x4”x4” Pullman loaf pan


For the Tangzhong
25 g bread flour
125 g water

For the Dough
90 – 100 g milk
55 g egg (about 1 large egg), beaten
120 g tangzhong
260 g bread flour
100 g all purpose flour
15 g nonfat dry milk powder
30 g granulated sugar (I used organic cane sugar)
2 tsp active dry yeast
1/2 tsp salt
40 g unsalted butter, softened

For the Filling
60 – 80 g dark chocolate spread (can be substituted with Nutella)


高筋麵粉 25克
水 125克

牛奶 90至100克
蛋液 55克(約1隻大蛋)
湯種 120克
高筋麵粉 260克
中筋麵粉 100克
脫脂奶粉 15克
細砂糖(EC用有機原蔗糖) 30克
活性乾酵母 2茶匙
鹽 1/2茶匙
無鹽牛油 40克(室溫放軟)

黑朱古力醬(可用Nutalla榛子醬代替) 60至80克

Directions 做法

For the Tangzhong 湯種
Mix flour and water in a saucepan until thoroughly combined. Cook over low heat while stirring frequently until the mixture thickens and the starches are gelatinized. Remove from heat and scrape mixture into a bowl. Keep covered and let cool to room temperature.
麵粉及水放入小鍋內拌勻至沒有粉粒,小火加熱 ,期間不停攪拌煮至呈糊狀和出現紋路後離火,把麵糊倒進小碗中,蓋上保鮮紙放涼備用。

For the Main Dough 主麵糰
Add milk, egg and tangzhong into the bread pan of the bread machine. In order to control the dough consistency, reserve 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk to be added later. Add in flour, milk powder, sugar and yeast then select the dough cycle from the bread machine. Press start to begin the kneading cycle (Note: according to King Arthur Flour, it is no longer necessary to dissolve active dry yeast in warm water before using due to the much gentler modern manufacturing process).
把牛奶,蛋和湯種加入麵包桶內(麵粉受水情況有異,因此建議保留一至兩湯匙牛奶後下作調整用),加入麵粉,奶粉,糖和酵母,選擇麵糰功能後啟動麵包機開始揉搓(註:King Arthur Flour提及由於現代生產酵母技術已更溫和,因此活性乾酵母現巳不需溶解活化已可直接使用)。

When a smooth dough starts to develop, add in salt and softened butter. Resume kneading cycle until a thin translucent membrane can be seen if you stretch a piece of dough. Let the dough perform its first rise in the bread machine until doubled in size.

Scrape dough onto a lightly floured work surface then gently deflate the dough. Shape into a ball, keep covered and let rest for 15 minutes.

With a rolling pin, roll dough into a 10 “ x 15” rectangle. Spread chocolate spread evenly over dough with an offset spatula while leaving some space on the edges. Roll up the dough from the long side into a log then pinch the seams together.
用麵棍把麵糰壓平成10 “ x 15” 長方形,用抹刀平均塗上朱古力醬,邊緣位置不用塗抹,從長的那邊開始緊緊捲起成圓柱後捏緊收口。

Divide the log into two equal parts then cut each log in half lengthwise. With the cut side up, twist two logs together. Repeat with the other two so you end up with two twisted logs. Then twist this two logs together again. Pinch the ends together and carefully transfer the dough into a lightly greased Pullman loaf pan.

Cover pan with an greased plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place for 40 to 50 minutes until the dough fills up about 4/5 of the pan (I proofed mine in my steam convection oven with the steam setting set at 100℉/38℃ for 40 minutes). Towards the end of the rising time, preheat the oven to 350°F/180℃.
蓋上抹了油的保鮮紙,讓麵糰在溫暖的地方發酵40至50分鐘至八分滿模(EC把模放在備有發酵功能的蒸氣焗爐內100℉/38℃發酵約40分鐘), 差不多完成發酵時預熱焗爐至350°F/180℃。

Remove plastic wrap and slide on the lid. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until the internal temperature of the bread registers 190 to 195℉ (88 to 90℃) on an instant-read thermometer. Remove pan from oven and carefully take off the lid. Let cool for 5 minutes then take bread out from the pan. Cool completely on a cooling rack before slicing.

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