HK Style Pineapple Buns (Sponge Method) v. 2 港式菠蘿包(中種法) v.2

Here’s the amended version of my HK Style Pineapple Buns. I have made slight adjustments mainly to make the crust look and taste better and adhere better to the bread so that the crust won’t come off after a few bits. 這是最新版本的中種菠蘿包做法,EC改動了酥皮的配方,改善了酥皮的上色情況,而且酥皮比以前更緊貼麵包,酥皮不會這麼容易在咬幾口後就掉出來。 HK Style Pineapple Buns (Sponge Method) v. 2 港式菠蘿包(中種法) v.2 Makes 10 10個份量... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Style Bunny Sausage Buns (Sponge Method) 小免子港式腸仔包(中種法)

I was looking up some shaping ideas for my sausage buns on the internet to make with my daughter and I came across a bunny shaped one that was really cute. On our first attempt we didn’t make the ears long enough so the buns didn’t really look like bunnies to me. The shaping got... Continue Reading →

Bow Tie Buns 蝴蝶結麵包

A friend of mine has made some really cute bow tie shaped buns recently and told me that the shaping process was super easy. I was convinced after watching the video she shared with me and decided to make some with my daughter right away. 之前朋友介紹EC做可愛的蝴蝶結造型麵包,並說製作超簡單的。看過她分享的影片後EC也認為製作十分容易,於是便立刻跟女兒動手試試。 You could use any kind of sweet bread dough... Continue Reading →

Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Sponge Method) 頂角白吐司(中種法)

Last time I explained how to convert a straight dough method bread recipe to one with Tangzhong method (visit my blog post Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) for a recap). Today I’d like to show you how to convert a straight dough recipe to one with the sponge method. 之前曾分享過如何將直接法麵包食譜改成湯種法(詳情可參考頂角白吐司(湯種法)),今天則簡單解釋一下如何將食譜改成中種法。 To switch... Continue Reading →

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