Hong Kong Style Sweet Milk Buns/Pai Bao (Sponge Method) 港式排包(中種法)

I’ve been baking bread with the sponge method recently and I just love it. This HK style bread is an adaptation of a versatile sweet dough (read about my blog post, Dinner Rolls (Sponge Method) for the original version). As this bread is proofed and baked in a pan, the dough as well as the … Continue reading Hong Kong Style Sweet Milk Buns/Pai Bao (Sponge Method) 港式排包(中種法)

Dinner Rolls (Sponge Method) 牛油麵包卷(中種法)

This is a versatile sweet dough recipe that can be adapted easily. I’ve made HK Style Pineapple Buns with it and this time I’m making simple dinner rolls. The sponge dough method is pretty flexible and I usually prepare the sponge the day before I plan to bake and store it in the fridge. The … Continue reading Dinner Rolls (Sponge Method) 牛油麵包卷(中種法)

Yeast Raised Doughnuts 冬甩(油炸,酵母版)

These doughnuts are made with yeast and then deep fried. I made them for the kids as a sweet treat because they haven’t had any store-bought doughnuts for more than a month since the lockdown. One good thing about homemade doughnuts is that I could adjust the sweetness level myself (store-bought ones are way too … Continue reading Yeast Raised Doughnuts 冬甩(油炸,酵母版)

HK Style Pineapple Buns (Sponge Method) 港式菠蘿包(中種法)

I'm sharing with you a bread recipe that is made with a preferment today. The idea is very similar to Whole Wheat Sausage Buns (Poolish Starter) but I used a stiffer preferment this time. 今天準備分享中種麵糰製作的麵包食譜。這與全麥腸仔包(液種法)的製作方法十分相似,只是中種麵糰比液種麵糰水份更少。 Generally speaking, the sponge contains 60 to 70% of the total flour amount and it can be made with 50% … Continue reading HK Style Pineapple Buns (Sponge Method) 港式菠蘿包(中種法)

Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) 湯種頂角白吐司

Last time I shared with you my Basic White Bread recipe. This is exactly the same recipe but made with the Tangzhong method. Why Tangzhong method, you may ask. Tangzhong makes the bread extra soft. The bread will be able to maintain moisture longer compared to one made with the straight dough method.過去分享過頂角白吐司的食譜,這次也是使用相同食譜,可是卻變成湯種法。為什麼要用湯種呢?因為湯種可令麵糰更加軟熟,麵包鎖水更好,比直接法的麵包更能保持柔軟。 So how … Continue reading Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) 湯種頂角白吐司