Sugar-Free Sweet Red Bean Paste 無糖廣式豆沙餡

I have been unpacking and rearranging stuffs almost every day due to our recent renovation. Also my daughter has been admitted to a new school this term. I’m pretty exhausted to work on my mooncake experiment. I did make a batch of sugar-free red bean paste though last week. I used xylitol for my Sugar-Free Lotus Seed Paste two years ago but this time I’ve switched to erythritol and oligosaccharide syrup. Xylitol sometimes leave a cooling sensation in the month so I definitely prefer erythritol more. Unlike the Sweet Red Bean Paste that was made with grapeseed oil, virgin peanut oil was used instead for added flavor.
最近家中裝修,EC幾乎每天都忙於收拾和清潔,加上女兒今年轉了新學校,所以EC沒空研究月餅了。 上星期趁空閒便試做了無糖豆沙餡。 前年的無糖蓮蓉餡使用了木糖醇,今次則改用赤藻醣醇及果寡糖糖漿兩種天然代糖調味,EC覺得赤藻醣醇吃後沒有木糖醇般令口腔有點涼涼的感覺,效果挺不錯的。 此外EC用了初榨花生油,味道比使用葡萄籽油的紅豆沙餡添了一份香濃。

My recipe here is written for Instant Pot (or other electric pressure cooker) users. Instant Pot, immersion blender as well as enameled cast iron pan are my go-to essential equipment when it comes to mooncake filling preparation. There is absolutely no need to soak the beans or lotus seeds. Just close the lid and pressure cook them in water for 30 minutes and everything comes out tender and mushy. An immersion blender creates smooth purees with ease even with the red bean skin on. I still remember the times when I spent an hour to pass mixture through a sieve just to make them smooth. I simply could not feel my arms afterwards! The enamel coated cast iron pan not only heats up evenly. Cleaning is also a piece of cake as nothing sticks to the pan. My only regret was that my Le Creuset braiser was a bit too shallow, causing some bean paste to fly out of my pan. I will use my other deep pan next time.
今次分享的是電子壓力煲做法。 Instant Pot,手持式攪拌棒和白琺瑯質鑄鐵鍋簡直是EC的“炒餡三寶”!紅豆和蓮子等材料完全不用浸泡,加水關蓋後按鍵煮半小時就軟軟爛爛了。 手持式攪拌棒則可把帶皮的紅豆打得十分幼滑(以前EC往往要花一小時把材料過篩使其變滑,手臂都累死了)。 鑄鐵鍋嘛,傳熱均勻,白琺瑯質塗層又不會黏鍋,清洗上非常方便。 只是EC用錯了淺底LC鍋,炒餡時偶爾也會有點豆沙濺出,下次還是用深炒鍋較好。

Sugar-Free Sweet Red Bean Paste


200 g red beans (I used organic red beans)
90 g erythritol/oligosaccharide blend sugar substitute (I used Swerve)
2 Tbsp oligosaccharide syrup
4 to 8 Tbsp peanut oil
2 Tbsp roasted red bean powder (may be replaced with cooked sweet rice flour)


紅豆 200克 (EC用有機紅豆)
赤藻醣醇/果寡糖混合天然代糖(EC用Swerve) 90克
果寡糖糖漿 2湯匙
花生油 4至8湯匙
熟紅豆粉 2湯匙(可用糕粉代替)

Directions 做法

Place rinsed red beans in a pot. Fill pot with enough water to cover the beans. Bring water to a boil then add another cup of water. Remove from heat when water comes to a full boil again. Discard water and rinse beans in a strainer under running water. Drain well. This step serves to remove any impurities and bitter flavor in the beans.

Place drained beans in the inner pot of Instant Pot and fill with enough water so that the beans are covered by half an inch of water. Close the lid and turn steam release handle to sealing position. Press the “bean” button once or press “manual/pressure cook” and adjust to cook at high pressure for 30 minutes. When timer beeps, press “cancel” and let pressure release naturally (about 10 minutes). Carefully remove the lid.
把瀝乾的紅豆放入Instant Pot內鍋,注入蓋過紅豆約半寸的清水,關上鍋蓋把排氣閥調整到密封“sealing”位置,按”bean”鍵或按“manual/pressure cook” 鍵選擇高壓煮30分鐘,煮好後按“cancel”等待自然放壓(約10分鐘),小心打開蓋子。

Add in sugar substitute and syrup then blend with an immersion blender until smooth.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick wok or enameled cast iron pan over medium heat. Add in the bean puree and stir with a spatula until combined. Cook with constant stirring until the paste gets thickened. Reduce to low heat and stir in the remaining oil a tablespoon a time, adding more only after the oil gets incorporated. Continue cooking and stirring until the paste clumps together and no longer sticks to the side of the wok and the spatula. Stir in the red bean powder or flour then remove from heat.

Cool completely before use or store in an airtight container in the fridge and use within two weeks.

The natural sugar replacement used this time.

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