No-Bake Lime Cheesecake 青檸芝士凍餅

Happy New Year my fellow readers!! This is my first blog post for the new year and I wish everyone a joyful, healthy, and prosperous 2017 =)

I’m sharing with you today the recipe of the cheesecake I made for my dad for his birthday in December. It came from my No Bake Sakura Lemon Cheesecake but I used organic limes instead of lemons. The amount of gelatin was reduced slightly. On top of the cheesecake was a layer of jello made with lime juice. The combination was pretty refreshing.

In between the cheesecake and jello layer was a birthday message written with melted chocolate. It is important to pour in the jello mixture slowly. Otherwise the chocolate writings will be washed away very easily. I am never a good chocolate writer but Wicked Goodies has an awesome tutorial on writing on cake with chocolate. Feel free to check it out here.
在凍餅及啫喱層之間是EC用朱古力溶液寫上的祝福字句,倒入啫喱液時必需要慢慢的倒,否則已凝固的朱古力字體很容易被沖散。EC的字體寫得很糟糕,但Wicked Goodies有詳細的朱古力寫字教學,詳情可按此


No-Bake Lime Cheesecake  青檸芝士凍餅

makes a 7” cake


For the Crust
100 g Marie biscuits
35 g unsalted butter, melted

For the Filling
240 g cream cheese, softened
100 g milk
70 g granulated sugar
150 g whipped cream
Zest from 1 lime
9 g (3 tsp) powdered gelatin
Juice from 1 lime, top with water to 60 g

For the Lime Jello
100 g water
Juice from half of a lime
60 g corn syrup (or adjust sweetness to taste)
6 g (2 tsp) powdered gelatin
30 g water

For Decorations
Fresh fruit slices, melted chocolate (may be thinned with a few drops of grapeseed or vegetable oil) and shaved chocolate as needed


瑪利餅 100克
牛油溶液 35克

忌廉芝士(室溫放軟) 240克
牛奶 100克
細砂糖 70克
淡忌廉 150克
青檸青 一個份
魚膠粉 9克(3茶匙)

水 100克
青檸汁 半個份
粟膠 60克 (可自行調整甜度)
魚膠粉 6克(2茶匙)
水 30克


Directions 做法

Wrap bottom of a cake ring with plastic wrap. Chill mixing bowl and the whisk attachment of the mixer in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.

In a bowl, mix crumbled marie biscuits (I processed the biscuits with a food processor until finely ground) and melted butter until evenly moistened. Evenly press mixture into the bottom of ring with the back of a spoon (I usually press down the crust firmly with the bottom of a tall glass or ramekin). Keep in refrigerator until ready to use.


Wash the lime thoroughly and pat dry. Zest (avoid any of the white pith as it tastes bitter) and then juice it. In a small bowl, rub sugar and lime zest with fingertips until fragrant. The zested sugar will be fluffy and slightly moist. Set aside.


In another small bowl, bloom gelatin by mixing it with lime juice and water then set aside for 5 minutes. Warm mixture in the microwave or sit the bowl in hot water until gelatin liquefies. Set aside.


With a food processor or blender, process cream cheese, zested sugar and milk until smooth then pour into a mixing bowl. For a silkier texture, strain mixture through a sieve. Stir in the gelatin mixture until incorporated.


In the chilled mixing bowl, beat whipping cream until thickened and soft peaks form. Fold whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture in two batches until homogeneous.


Remove ring from fridge and pour batter over the chilled crust. Tap ring on the countertop several times to remove any large air bubbles then smooth top. Refrigerate until set.


For the jello layer, bloom gelatin by mixing it with 30 g of water and set aside for 5 minutes. Warm mixture in the microwave or sit the bowl in hot water until gelatin liquefies. Add remaining water, lime juice and corn syrup and mix thoroughly.

Remove chilled cake from the fridge. Arrange fresh fruit slices on top. Spoon melted chocolate into a parchment paper cone then snip off a corner. Write message on the cake and let it set. Slowly pour the gelatin mixture over then chill until set. Unmold cake by heating the sides with a hair dryer briefly. Sprinkle on chocolate shavings then cut and serve.


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