No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze 士多啤梨芝士凍餅配士多啤梨鏡面

I made this no-bake cheesecake for my sister and my friend’s daughter recently. Unlike my other No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake recipe which is made with fresh strawberries puree, I first turned my fresh strawberries into a coulis before blending it with cream cheese. I even used the same coulis to make a glaze. The result? A … Continue reading No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze 士多啤梨芝士凍餅配士多啤梨鏡面

Sugar-Free No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake 無糖藍莓芝士凍餅

It's blueberry picking season in mid-July and August and we had a fun family outing with other friends at the farm. Freshly picked blueberries are just CAD$3.15 per pound. They are so plumpy and sweet and my kids have been enjoying a big bowl of berries every night after dinner. I reserved some for dessert … Continue reading Sugar-Free No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake 無糖藍莓芝士凍餅

No-Bake Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo朱古力芝士凍餅

My friend’s son has egg allergy so I made him an Oreo chocolate cheesecake for his birthday. It was basically my No-bake Chocolate Cheesecake with added Oreo pieces. The cookies and their filling were sweet so I reduced the amount of sugar slightly and balanced it more dark chocolate. EC好友的兒子對雞類敏感,因此EC做了Oreo朱古力芝士凍餅為他慶祝生日。這基本上是朱古力芝士凍餅,只是在內加了切成小塊的Oreo餅乾而已。因為餅乾及夾餡較甜 ,因此EC把蛋糕糖量減少了,也增添了黑朱古力用量。 Oreo lovers may use … Continue reading No-Bake Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo朱古力芝士凍餅

No-Bake Lime Cheesecake 青檸芝士凍餅

Happy New Year my fellow readers!! This is my first blog post for the new year and I wish everyone a joyful, healthy, and prosperous 2017 =) 新年快樂!這是EC2017年的第一篇網誌,在此祝大家平安快樂及身體健康~ I'm sharing with you today the recipe of the cheesecake I made for my dad for his birthday in December. It came from my No Bake Sakura … Continue reading No-Bake Lime Cheesecake 青檸芝士凍餅

No-Bake Sakura Lemon Cheesecake 櫻花檸檬芝士凍餅

I made this no-bake lemon cheesecake for my mom’s friend. The recipe was loosely adapted from the lemon cheesecake mousse cups I prepared previously. The amount of gelatin was increased as the cake needs a firmer texture to stand up on its own. The ratio of whipping cream was also reduced. I’ve planned to decorate … Continue reading No-Bake Sakura Lemon Cheesecake 櫻花檸檬芝士凍餅

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust 藍莓芝士凍餅(朱古力餅底)

Blueberries are one of my younger son's favorite fruit. Whenever we visit Costco we would grab a big container of blueberries as they are fresher than other grocery stores. Last week I found half a container of blueberries and some leftover cream cheese when I was clearing up my fridge. So I combined the two … Continue reading No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust 藍莓芝士凍餅(朱古力餅底)

No Bake Sakura & Strawberry Cheesecake 櫻花士多啤梨芝士凍餅

I made this for my sister for her birthday. She was born on the Chinese Valentine's Day (January 15 according to the traditional Chinese calendar) so I decided to give her some flowers. The cake was based on the no bake strawberry cheesecake I made before. The top was decorated with sakura glaze. My guests … Continue reading No Bake Sakura & Strawberry Cheesecake 櫻花士多啤梨芝士凍餅

No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake 士多啤梨芝士凍餅

This no-bake strawberry cheesecake is super fast and easy to prepare. Part of the cheesecake batter is made in a blender with cold ingredients that are taken straight out of the fridge. It takes me only one minute to blend everything into a smooth batter. Then gelatin mixture is stirred in, followed by the whipping … Continue reading No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake 士多啤梨芝士凍餅