Pumpkin and Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake 南瓜朱古力大理石蛋糕

What is in season in September and October? Pumpkins! Pumpkin patches can be found in the farms and we just visited one in mid-October. My kids enjoyed seeing farm animals and watching shows. They also had lots of fun playing on the big slide and bouncing castle, getting lost in the corn maze as well … Continue reading Pumpkin and Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake 南瓜朱古力大理石蛋糕

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins 南瓜朱古力粒鬆餅

Muffins are so simple and quick to make and all you need is two bowls -- one for the dry ingredients and the other for the wet ingredients (I usually add sugar, especially brown sugar, to the wet ingredients bowl for a better result). Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients, give it a few stirs … Continue reading Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins 南瓜朱古力粒鬆餅

Low-Carb Pumpkin Muffins 低糖南瓜鬆餅

今天(11月14日)是世界糖尿病日World Diabetes Day.  為了紀念這天, EC特意將自己的南瓜朱古力粒鬆餅食譜改成每個只有15 g碳水化合物的低糖南瓜鬆餅食譜.  祝願各位糖尿病患者吃得健康、活得快樂! 低糖南瓜鬆餅 (五個份量, 每個約15 g糖份) 材料 (A) 中筋麵粉  60 g 杏仁粉  60 g 小蘇打粉  (Baking soda)  1/2 茶匙 泡打粉  1/2 茶匙 鹽  1/4 茶匙 肉桂粉  1/4 茶匙 (可省略) 荳蔻粉 1/8 茶匙  (可省略) (B) 南瓜泥  120 g 芥花籽油  30 g 低脂原味乳酪  30 g 雲尼拿香油  1/2 茶匙 大蛋 1隻 (約50-55 g) … Continue reading Low-Carb Pumpkin Muffins 低糖南瓜鬆餅

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake 南瓜戚風蛋糕

I love moist, tender and fluffy cakes that are not overly sweet. Among the different types of cakes I’ve made, chiffon cakes perfectly fulfill my requirements! This pumpkin chiffon cake is based on my basic chiffon cake recipe. I used mami squash to make my puree this time (read about my homemade pumpkin puree post … Continue reading Pumpkin Chiffon Cake 南瓜戚風蛋糕