Lychee and Raspberry Mousse Cake 荔枝紅桑子慕絲蛋糕

Here’s a cake I made for our family gathering over the weekend. I paired up lychee and raspberry for a sweet and tart combination as well as a beautiful contrast of colour. I was trying to add a hint of rose flavour too, but my kids didn’t like the flavour after a taste test so... Continue Reading →

Piped Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 朱古力唧花牛油酥餅

Piped shortbread cookies are my family’s all-time-favourite but they are a nightmare for me to make. Women’s wrists (or is it just mine???) are simply not strong enough for the piping job, especially during the winter. In my experience, at cool room temperature, the cookie dough is usually too firm for piping. My wrists would... Continue Reading →

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