Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Log 朱古力士多啤梨慕絲半圓長條形蛋糕

I bought a new Silikomart mold from Amazon in March and made a mousse log for hubby’s birthday. The base unit of this mold is of hard plastic and two silicon mat inserts, one smooth and one textured, are included. The 3D effect of the stars was absolutely stunning and I really loved it. Honestly … Continue reading Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Log 朱古力士多啤梨慕絲半圓長條形蛋糕

Okara (Soy Bean Pulp) Bread (Sponge Method) 豆渣山形吐司(中種法)

I was making soy milk at home and was left with some okara (soy bean pulp) after passing the soy milk through a nut milk bag. I didn’t wanna throw the residual out so I added some to my bread dough. The okara used was about 20% of the total flour weight. Amount more than … Continue reading Okara (Soy Bean Pulp) Bread (Sponge Method) 豆渣山形吐司(中種法)

Homemade Purple Sweet Potato Powder 自製紫薯粉

Sharing with you today an easy way to make your own natural food coloring powder from fresh vegetables. This purple sweet potato powder has a purple hue and is perfect for various baked goods and desserts. Homemade vegetable powder is free of additives and preservatives so is safe to use as a food coloring. This … Continue reading Homemade Purple Sweet Potato Powder 自製紫薯粉

Matzoh 無酵餅

This is gonna be the second Good Friday since the pandemic hit. I’ve made some matzoh (unleavened bread) for the upcoming holy communion on our virtual Good Friday service in remembrance of what our Lord Jesus has done for us on the cross. If you are interested feel free to bake along.這將會是疫情以來第二次年在家網上參加受苦節崇拜,EC今日做了無酵餅準備星期五守聖餐之用,以記念我們的救主耶穌基督在十架上的救恩。有興趣的話大家也可跟著一起做。 In the Old … Continue reading Matzoh 無酵餅

Chocolate Spiral Bread (Sponge Method) 朱古力旋風頂角吐司(中種法)

After posting the recipe of Purple Sweet Potato Spiral bread (Sponge Method), a reader asked if it could be turned into chocolate flavor. I replied that the method would be the same but the purple sweet potato powder could not be directly replaced with cocoa powder without adjustment but I didn’t know exactly how much. … Continue reading Chocolate Spiral Bread (Sponge Method) 朱古力旋風頂角吐司(中種法)

Purple Sweet Potato Spiral Bread (Sponge Method) 紫薯旋風頂角吐司(中種法)

Today I’m showing you a quick way to shape a bread loaf with a fancy spiral pattern. I’ve perfected it four times just to get the color and effect right. Believe it or not, the shaping process is no different than a regular shaping process that requires two rollings as found in my older blog … Continue reading Purple Sweet Potato Spiral Bread (Sponge Method) 紫薯旋風頂角吐司(中種法)

Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup 無糖黑芝麻糊

I finally bought a high speed heating blender!!! My eyes have been on this for so long and I eventually bought it for hubby’s birthday (ya for HIS birthday and HE PAID for it lol). After unboxing I immediately looked for recipes online and I followed this Chinese recipe to make some black sesame soup … Continue reading Sugar-Free Black Sesame Soup 無糖黑芝麻糊

Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Poolish Method) 頂角白吐司(液種法)

I’ve been thinking of writing a detailed post about Pullman loaf and dough mixing for a long time: however, I keep delaying as there are just too many things to say and I hesitate if it’s worth the time writing a lengthy post while no one might be even interested in reading. Since the pandemic, … Continue reading Basic White Bread Pain de Mie (Poolish Method) 頂角白吐司(液種法)

Honey Madeleines 蜂蜜瑪德蓮

Madeleines are famous French little cakes (some refer them as cookies) with a shell-like shape and characteristic dome on the back. These buttery cakes, when freshly baked, are browned crispy on the outside yet soft and spongy on the inside. This time I’ve included some trehalose that is about half the sweetness of sucrose. This … Continue reading Honey Madeleines 蜂蜜瑪德蓮

Sugar-Free Japanese Cheesecake 無糖日式芝士蛋糕

Not long ago I shared with you my Keto Japanese Cheesecake recipe which contains a net carb of 12.3 g for the entire cake. This time I’m sharing with you another Japanese cheesecake recipe that is also made with natural sweetener which won’t cause a spike in blood sugar. Unlike the Keto version, this sugar-free … Continue reading Sugar-Free Japanese Cheesecake 無糖日式芝士蛋糕