Durian Mochi 榴槤糯米糍

My husband and I are both a big fan of durian. However, the price for fresh durian is way too much in Toronto. We could only enjoy them every time we visit my in-laws in Hong Kong. My friend sent me a pack of frozen durian as a gift last month and I didn’t open the package until my niece, who was also a durian lover, came for a sleepover last week. I made durian mochi during the weekend and both my daughter and my niece liked them. My younger son’s reaction was contradicting. He kept saying “it is good. It is bad” while eating. I thought he didn’t like it so I asked for my mochi back. But then he explained further by saying “it’s good and it smells bad. But it’s yummy and I like it!”. Then he even asked for an extra one.
EC與老公絕對是榴槤粉絲,可是多倫多的新鮮榴槤價錢不菲,EC只有每次回香港探訪老爺奶奶時才有機會大快朵頤。朋友上月送了一盒急凍金枕頭榴槤給EC,EC一直不捨得吃。上星期趁著同樣愛吃榴槤的小姨甥女來小住數天,EC終於把榴槤開封並做了榴槤糯米糍。女兒與姨甥女都十分欣賞,而小兒子則一邊吃一邊矛盾地說“it is good! It is bad!”。EC以為他不喜歡榴槤便叫他不要吃, 怎料他連忙解釋說“it is good and it smells bad. But it’s yummy and I like it”,之後更問EC可否多吃一個。

Frozen durian flesh is soft and mushy. I had trouble wrapping the puree at first. On the second day I followed an effective method that my baking buddy, Bonnie, shared with me in which the mochi disc was placed inside a plastic wrap lined mini cupcake pan. The durian puree was spooned into the cavity and then the overhanging seams were pinched together. If you have difficulty wrapping soft filling like me make sure to try this method.

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Durian Mochi

Makes 8


150 g durian flesh (fresh or frozen)
75 g Mochiko sweet rice flour (can be replaced with Shiratamako flour)
15 g rice flour
35 g icing sugar
150 g milk, room temperature
10 g grapeseed oil
Potato starch (katakuriko) or cooked sweet rice flour for coating, as needed


榴槤肉(新鮮或急凍) 150克
日式Mochiko糯米粉(もち粉) 75克 (可用白玉粉代替)
粘米粉 15克
糖粉 35克
牛奶(室溫) 150克
葡萄籽油 10克
片栗粉或已炒熟糯米粉(防沾用) 適量

Directions 做法

Separate the durian flesh from the seed. Puree with an immersion blender. Cover with plastic wrap and chill before use.


Place Mochiko flour, rice flour and icing sugar in a large microwave-safe bowl then whisk to combine. Add oil and milk and mix well with a whisk until smooth.


Cover bowl with plastic wrap or microwave-safe lid. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Remove and stir well with a wet spatula. Cover and microwave again for another minute. Remove and stir to check for doneness. If the mixture has not completely set to form a dough then return to the microwave to heat in 30-second intervals. Microwave differs in wattage and model (mine is 1100W) so adjust heating time accordingly. Alternatively, pour mixture into an oiled shallow plate and cook by steaming for 15 to 20 minutes.


Scrap out the dough and wrap it with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out. When the dough is no longer hot to the touch, put on disposable gloves and knead dough until it is smooth and elastic. Divide into 8 equal portions, form each into a ball and keep covered until ready to use.


Place potato starch in a plate and set aside for dusting. Flatten a mochi dough into a disc that is thinner around the edges. Place a heaping teaspoonful of durian puree in the middle then wrap and seal the edges by pinching them together. Shape stuffed dough into a ball again then coat lightly with potato starch. Brush off excess powder and place mochi seam side down in a paper cupcake liner. Repeat with remaining mochi dough and filling.


Puree made from frozen durian is very mushy. To make wrapping easier, line a mini cupcake mold with plastic wrap. Place the mochi disc inside then spoon the durian puree into the cavity as shown. Seal by pinching the overhanging edges together.


Chill for 3 hours or until firm before serving.

Durian mochi that is stored at room temperature (top) vs chilled (bottom). I like the firmer texture of chilled ones.


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