No-Bake Durian Cheesecake 榴槤芝士凍餅

This was the cake I made for my friend’s mom on her birthday and I used an entire 400 g pack of frozen durian with seed for the filling. You could add more or less sugar according to the sweetness of the durian. If the durian is s fibrous, pass the mixture through a sieve... Continue Reading →

Durian Mochi 榴槤糯米糍

My husband and I are both a big fan of durian. However, the price for fresh durian is way too much in Toronto. We could only enjoy them every time we visit my in-laws in Hong Kong. My friend sent me a pack of frozen durian as a gift last month and I didn't open... Continue Reading →

Durian Chiffon Cake 榴槤戚風蛋糕

The only person in my family who hates durian is on vacation now. It is the best opportunity to grab home a durian =) I made this durian chiffon cake with reference to my chocolate banana chiffon cake recipe. It is a smaller cake (6 inch) this time, and I’ve further reduced the liquid portion... Continue Reading →

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