Gluten Free Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 伯爵茶糙米戚風蛋糕

When I was chatting with my friend Yammie about making cakes last week, she recommended adding Earl Grey flavor into the them. I just happen to have two Earl Grey tea bags in my pantry. So I decided to bake something new. This cake was basically just my basic chiffon cake, but tea-infused. I’ve refrained from using refined sugar recently as I want to establish a healthier eating habit. I made the cake gluten-free by switching to brown rice flour.

Gluten Free Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

For 7″ tube pan


For the Earl Grey Milk Tea
2 Earl Grey teabags (I used Twinings)
90 g milk

For the Cake
75 g brown rice flour
1/2 Earl Grey teabag
4 large egg yolks
55 g earl grey milk tea
50 g grapeseed oil
4 large egg whites
60 g fine Demerara or granulated sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Notes: The eggs I use are about 50 g each without shells.


伯爵茶包(EC用Twinings) 兩個
牛奶 90克

糙米粉 75克
伯爵茶包 半個
蛋黃(大蛋) 4個
伯爵奶茶 55克
葡萄籽油 50克
蛋白(大蛋) 4個
原蔗糖(幼粒)或細砂糖 60克
他他粉 1/2茶匙


Directions 做法

For the Earl Grey Milk Tea 伯爵奶茶
In a saucepan over low heat bring milk to a boil. Remove from heat. Empty the contents of the Earl Grey teabags and pour into the milk. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Allow the tea to cool completely. Strain tea into a bowl and measure 55 grams.

For the Cake 蛋糕
Separate the eggs and place the egg whites In a clean mixing bowl (I usually wipe the bowl and the wire beater with paper towel dampened with vinegar or lemon juice to remove traces of grease). Preheat oven to 325ºF/160ºC.

For the yolk batter, sift brown rice flour into another mixing bowl. Mix well and make a well in the center. Add oil, Earl Grey milk tea, tea leaves and egg yolks to the well and whisk gently until combined. The mixture will thicken up on its own.

With a hand mixer or a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip egg whites until foamy. Add cream of tartar (to stabilize the meringue) and continue to beat until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar in batches and continue beating until glossy and firm peaks form. When you lift up the whisk, the peak will hold its shape but the tip will fall back slightly.

Scoop about one third of the meringue into the yolk batter and fold with a whisk to lighten. Then scrape this back into the bowl of meringue. Fold gently and thoroughly (so you don’t deflate the meringue) with a spatula until you see no streaks of white.

Pour batter into the tube pan. Tap pan against the kitchen countertop several times to get rid of any large air bubbles. Smooth top with an offset spatula.

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until a wooden skewer inserted in the center of cake comes out clean. Every oven is different so adjust baking time accordingly. Drop cake pan on the kitchen countertop at a distance upon removal from the oven. This will release any gas trapped in the cake cells and minimize shrinkage. Invert pan and cool on a wire rack.

I unmold the cake without using any tools but only with the help of gravity. The following is my video demonstration.

The Demerara sugar that i use is a bit coarse. I would grind them into smaller crystals with my food processor before using. I store them in an airtight glass jar.

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