Graduation Cap & Diploma Cake Toppers Tutorial 畢業帽及証書蛋糕裝飾做法

My elder daughter has completed her kindergarten program! Time flies… I still remember she cried for three whole months when she started school at the age of two (she actually broke the school record). We had a BBQ gathering last night with all other prenatal class classmates. I made a graduation cake for the kids to celebrate their new page of life. These kids have known each other before they were even born. It is such a blessing to watch them grow. I hope they will continue to enjoy their school life after going to grade one.

Here is how I made the cake toppers. Everything is edible. The steps are fairly simple too. Feel free to make one for your graduates.




Graduation Cap & Diploma Cake Toppers Tutorial


Chocolate (I used a mixture of white and dark, but any kind will do)
Cheerios or Rice Krispies
Modeling chocolate (black, white, yellow and red)
Rolling mat and rolling pin
Knife and ruler
Round cookie cutter or small cake ring
Small bowl


朱古力 (EC用白、黑朱古力,任何朱古力皆可)

Directions 做法

For the Graduation Cap 畢業帽

Place chocolate in a small bowl. Melt chocolate over a double boiler or with a microwave (with medium power). Stir in Cheerios or Rice Krispies. Spoon and firmly pack mixture into a round mold. Chill until chocolate has harden. Remove from mold. You may use any kind of chocolate. I used two parts chocolate and one part Cheerios in weight. For the 2.5 by 1.25 inch cake ring that I used, 40 g of chocolate and 20 g of Cheerios is required).


Knead black modeling chocolate until pliable. Roll out thinly with a rolling pin. With a knife, cut a long strip that is as wide as the height of the Cheerios block. Spread a thin layer of melted chocolate around the block. Wrap strip around and trim off the excess.

With a square cookie cutter that is slightly larger than the block (or just cut with a knife), cut a square piece from black modeling chocolate. Attach piece to the top of the block with melted chocolate.

Roll yellow modeling chocolate into several long, thin ropes. Form a tassel by gathering them together. Pinch the top slightly and attach it to the middle of the cap. Add a small ball of yellow modeling chocolate on top.


For the Diploma 畢業証書

Knead white modeling chocolate until pliable. Roll a small amount into a stick then trim to appropriate size.

Roll out white modeling chocolate thinly with a rolling pin. Cut it into a square. Place the stick at the base of the square and start rolling from the bottom to form a diploma.

Roll out red modeling chocolate thinly. Cut a thin strip with a knife and wrap around the diploma.


Place decorations on the cake. Ta~da~ Here comes a graduation cake for my daughter and her friends.


Recipe for the strawberry cheesecake can be found here.

See how to make modeling chocolate here.

Watch this video (in Cantonese) for the letter decorations.7

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