Simple Number Cake Toppers And Name Plaques 簡單蛋糕數字插牌和名牌

I’d love to show you how I create my number cake toppers as well as name plaques.  They are very simple to make and will definitely make your cake super special.  I ususlly make these decorations with modeling chocolate as it tastes a lot better than fondant.  You can make modeling chocolate with either real or compound chocolate in any amount you want as long as you follow the ratios.  If I have plenty of time, I would bake some cookies then lay my modeling chocolate on top…so yummy!

今天EC分享的是蛋糕數字插牌和名牌的製作過程,這些裝飾不但做法非常簡單,而且可令蛋糕更加個人化。EC喜歡用塑形朱古力做蛋糕裝飾品,因為它的味道比翻糖好。無論是真朱古力還是合成朱古力(如免調温朱古力片)均可做成塑形朱古力,只要按照份量比例,做多做少亦沒有問題 。如果時間充裕,EC甚至會先用牛油曲奇做成插牌的底部才鋪上塑形型朱古力,這樣的組合是最美味了!

Simple Number Cake Toppers And Name Plaques

What you need

  • Modeling chocolate (see recipe and video tutorials here)
  • Food coloring gel
  • Small rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters
  • Paint palette plate or small bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Pearl dust
  • Lemon extract or vodka
  • Toothpicks
  • Melted chocolate or edible glue


  • 塑形朱古力(食譜及短片教學請按這裡
  • 食用色膏
  • 小擀麵棍
  • 曲奇印模
  • 水彩碟或小碗
  • 畫筆
  • 珍珠色粉
  • 檸檬香油或vodka
  • 牙籤
  • 溶朱古力或可食用膠水

Directions  做法

For the number toppers 數字插牌

Roll out modeling chocolate really thick (I place a pair of chopsticks under my rolling pin as a guide).  Cut out the number(s) with number cookie cutters.  If you don’t have any cutters you can always print from an online template , cut out the number, place that piece of paper on top of the modeling chocolate then cut around it with a sharp knife.

In a paint palette plate, mix pearl dust (I use white) with lemon extract to form a paste.  Paint mixture onto numbers with a paintbrush.  Let dry.


Insert toothpicks from the bottom of the numbers.  For some tricky numbers that don’t have a flat bottom or straight side (like 7 and 9), you may need to use floral wire.  I wouldn’t recommend eating any decorations containing wires for safety’s sake.  Please wrap any protruding wire with floral tape.
將牙籤從數字底部插入,底部傾斜的數字如7和9或許要使用鐵線,因安全理由,含鐵線的裝飾最好不要食用,外露的鐵線亦最好裹上膠帶(floral tape)。


For the name plaques 名牌裝飾

Roll out modeling chocolate of contrasting colors to about 1/8 inch thick.  With a smaller circle and a bigger scalloped cutter, cut out shapes from each color then glue them together with melted chocolate.  Wait for 10 to 15 minutes until it firms up.

Personalize the name plaque  (I couldn’t find my small paint brush so I wrote  with a toothpick dipped in diluted food coloring gel.  Then I poked some dots to form two lines with the tail of my toothpick).  Let dry.


Glue a small piece of modeling chocolate on the back of the plaque so that it can stand on its own.  Done!


Star Wars Light Saber Cupcakes (click here for the cupcake topper tutorial)
星戰激光劍杯子蛋糕 (蛋糕插牌圖解做法請到這裏)

10446192_744639872259246_3580870828237732214_o 10495985_744639802259253_9101704127385529078_o

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