DIY Decorations: Chocolate Triangles 自製三角形朱古力裝飾

Decorate your cakes with these easy-to-make chocolate triangles!  No special molds required!

DIY Decorations: Chocolate Triangles


材料  What You Need

  • 黑白朱古力各適量、抹刀、唧袋或三文治袋、蛋糕圍邊膠條或牛油紙
    Dark and white chocolates, offset spatula, piping bag or sandwich bag, acetate liner or parchment paper


做法   Directions

  • 黑朱古力隔熱水坐溶或用微波爐以中火叮溶後放至室溫,倒入唧袋或三文治袋,袋口剪小洞,在蛋糕圍邊膠條或牛油紙長條上畫上圖案,放入雪櫃或冰箱雪至朱古力完全凝固後取出,圖案是底面反轉的,若寫字的話切記要反轉寫。
    Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler or a microwave with medium power then let cool to room temperature. Fill piping bag or sandwich bag with chocolate. Cut off one corner then pipe your design on an acetate or parchment paper strip. Place strip in the refrigerator or freezer until chocolate is set. If you plan to write you need to write in mirror image.


  • 將溶掉並已放至室溫的白朱古力倒在膠條上,用抹刀掃平後放回雪櫃,厚薄隨意,只要平均便可 。
    Melt and cool white chocolate then spread an even layer on the strip. Smooth with an offset spatula. Put strip back in the fridge.


  • 待朱古力雪至半乾時從雪櫃取出,用小刀劃出三角形狀,朱古力未凝固時會黏著刀尖,太硬則容易斷裂,所以半凝固不黏手但仍柔軟時最好操作。
    Once the chocolate has started to set, score the triangle lines with a sharp knife. Chocolate will stick to the knife when is has not set yet and may break easily when it is too hard . So score it when chocolate is partially set but still soft.


  • 待朱古力雪至完全硬化後可取出放上蛋糕上作裝飾。朱古力裝飾可放入食物袋或密實盒於雪櫃保存。
    Peel off the hardened triangles and place on cake . Store chocolate decorations in a sandwich bag or an air-tight container in the refrigerator.


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